HSK6 preparation with Zootopia’s support

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16th February 2017

Last night I was in Shenzhen’s bookcity* -which claims there are the largest bookstore in the world –  in order to buy HSK6 appropriate reading books. I prefer to have the books in hand, have a close look inside and read a bit before I buy, rather then buying online. Some of the literature are labelled with the language level, including a vocabulary list and some exercises to check my reading comprehension. I really love these books. It is simply a great way to improve Chinese by reading!

Frankly speaking, I was a bit disappointed. Compared to the other levels like  HSK3, 4 or 5, the choice of the books for HSK6 is not that wide or … maybe it was sold out and I just had a bad timing. I am not very sure about this point, but I was sure that I did not want to go back home with empty hands.

When I was strolling around the book shelves – in a hope, there might a suitable book, wrongly sorted in the shelves – , one book drew my attention: “ZOOTOPIA”! Did you watch the movie? It is one of my favorite movies in 2016! I watched at least 3 times!  And should you not have seen it, watch it!   “Try everything!”,  “Anyone can be anything!”,  “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” are few quotes out of many others, which touched my heart.

I got so excited, that I started to sing the song quietly “Try everything!” from Shakira ( ˘ ɜ˘) ♬♪♫:

” [..] I won’t give up, no I won’t give in
Till I reach the end
And then I’ll start again
No I won’t leave
I wanna try everything
I wanna try even though I could fail […]

Oh oh oh oh
Try everythi~~~~ng”

Yeah, why not give a try! I grabbed the book – wohoo nice soft cover  and very handy in my hand- . I found out that is an English learning book made for Chinese students. That’s why it has a  Chinese text, too. I guess, in case the students may not understand the English part, they may have a look at the Chinese text as well. Additionally, English vocabularies are explained in Chinese!

RESULT: I bought the book not for learning English, but Chinese. For around 35 RMB (!!). How it can supprt me for learning Chinese?

  1. Learn new vocabularies.
  2. Practice  writing summaries. (HSK6 includes a writing-summary-exercise without having the text in front of you.
  3. HSK6 is more less native level. And this book’s Chinese is “brutal” real Chinese regardless any HSKlevel.
  4. High motivated simply because I love “Zootopia”.

Try everything, right?

“这里是动物城,所以每个人都有无限可能!- This is Zootopia, and anyone can be anything. ” quoted by Zootopia

“这是我人生,所以我有无限可能! This is my life, and I CAN be anything.” quoted by myself (^_-)≡☆.


*How to go to bookcity (Chinese: 书城) in Shenzhen:

  1. Should you come from HKG, cross the boarder in Lok Ma Chau.
  2. Walk over to the  FUTIAN CHECKPOINT metro station (Chinese: 福田口岸站). It is around 5 minutes walking distance.
  3. Take the metro, line 4 (or also called red line or Longhua Line).
  4. Get off at the 4th station called CHILDREN’S PALACE metro station (Chinese: 少年宮站).
  5. Exit D or follow the signs.

All life is encounter

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14th February 2017

Back in 199x, I met Yang Wei Wei in Shenyang. If I had not met her and her family, I would probably never be interested in China, their language and their culture and …. I would never had the dream of working in China …. and ….  I would be never here in Hong Kong!

My mom asked me whether I still have contact with her. And I answered that I have lost the contact with her. My father asked me as well and I denied.

Last night my Chinese teacher asked me “What if you meet Wei Wei again, what would you do? What would you say, when she stands in front of her?” …. I could not answered immediately, instead my eyes filled with tears and I started to cry.  That moment when I cried, I AWARE that I was the one killed any possibilities to find her and family again because I am afraid of the language barrier, rejection, fear and disappointment. Finally I answered “I would cry. I would hug her. And then thank you her and tell her how our faith changed and influenced my life!”

In fact, I have nothing too loose, except some tears. The language barrier is not a problem any more, because my Chinese has improved!

I am now gathering information, I am determined to write a letter in Chinese to “my” old high-school in Shenyang. They might have some further information. I will keep you update!


Result of HSK 5, Chinese Exam

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13th February 2017

When I came back from my trip, a letter was waiting for me. A letter from the Yale-China Chinese Language Center/The Chinese University of Hong Kong, where I took the exam of HSK5 last December. It must be the score report!!!

I opened the letter calmly until I saw my score:

Wohooooo! I did it!! ✧*。٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و✧*。 I passed HSK5 (equal to C1) Chinese language proficiency!

I received a lot of encouragements and support from my friends and family! With their support I felt strong: I let go my expectations and fear. Be in present!! Learn, take a break, learn, play, learn! Thank you!!

还有进步的空间,我继续努力! There is still place for improvement, I will keep learning! \\\٩(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و////   Please keep on supporting me!! Next goal: HSK6 by latest 2018!



Winter clothes distribution for refugees in HKG

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Lei Hou RefugeesThe topic “refugees” can be seen nearly every day on TV in Europe. BUT did you actually know that there refugees in HKG? There ARE around 10.000 refugees living in HKG!!!! Where? How is their living condition here? From where? How does the government support them? All these I have not known before, and surprisingly I was not the only!  Therefore, in November I organised together with “HairAid.Hk” –  a newly founded organisation in HKG cutting hairs for people in needs – an awareness and fund raising event for refugees in HKG. The event includes a lot of activities and I was particularly responsible for the flea market. Most of the unsold goods (clothes, shoes, toys, kitchen tools etc.)  have been donated directly to our beneficiary “Christian Action” (= CA) afterwards.

After this event, I was wondering how and when those clothes would be distributed and asked CA for some photos. Due to privacy reasons and protect refugees’ identity, it was not possible to receive photos. Instead I have been invited to join the winter clothes distribution early December!  I took annual leave to join this meaningful event. I felt very excited!

The room was filled with clothes with wide range from for toddlers until adult’s fashion. Beside our donation CA had received a lot of other donations. Every refugee (=client) with a ticket could came in and take a clothes, he/she like. For free, and as many as they wanted within a limited time frame of 15 minutes.

Frankly speaking I was very surprised how reserved they are. They took what they really need and like. I asked one of them why s/he would not take more as it is for free, and the answer was very simple “Not enough space.”

This “scene” was very unusually for me. Imagine,at those crazy sales from luxury brands, are the people that generous? In that moment, people (including me) just focused on a great deal, to find something nice for the next cocktail party. I may use them only occasionally, or I do not have space, but I would still buy. I felt ashamed.

Winter Clothes DistributionTogether with this feeling in my heart, I was even eager to find what the client at the winter clothes distribution requested. Jacket in M size and in blue colour? -> OK, I will search with you. Long trousers for doing sports in bigger size? ->Sure, I will help you to find! You need this shirt in blue instead of pink?-> Let me check for you! It is not that easy, as each client only has 15 minutes time and the donated clothes are roughly tidied up only. The client’s “thank you” and “smile” afterwards are priceless. It made me nearly cry!

I found out that most of the clothes are in smaller size (asian size), there is a lack of “bigger” size for women. Next time, I will definitely donate my clothes to CA directly, instead of put them into the clothes collection boxes from other organisations.

It was such an meaningful and touching day! And it make me think a lot about my life, what do I really need or what I just want to own. If I had only one second time to flee from home, what would I take? What would you take?

In love with the hottest chicken in town

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Do you also sometimes suddenly carving for something?

Well, I was desperately seeking for the German style “grilled spring chicken”, crispy skin, soft and juicy meat with lots of herbs and soaked taste until to the bones. Just by thinking of it, I am getting hungry! Most of the chicken I ate here are either bloody (Hainan Chicken), deep fried (KFC) or simply the taste remains in the chicken skin only while the chicken meat is dry and tasteless. Where shall I get my chicken now? No, idea.

I was hungry, desperate and lost, when I saw the sign “Goobne Chicken – Korean style oven baked chicken”  hanging outside of a tall building in Mong Kok. Never heard about it.  Why not, try? I wanna eat chicken anyway.

Incredible yummy chickenI entered into a  big restaurant with lots of space,  wide windows and sunny places (which is rare in HKG!). After an authentic, helpful “consultation” with an enthusiastic Korean waitress with a great smile I ordered the “Original Korean oven baked chicken”. It has been served in a basket on a wooden chopping board with some sauce and pickles (photo in the right down corner). It was a huge portion (one whole chicken by my own!). CAUTION HOT! I took a chicken leg and bite in…. oh my gosh,  it was incredible yummy! Crispy skin, with juicy meat and great taste until the last bite! I did not even touch the sauce! I really enjoyed it so much! It was indeed love at the first bite!!!

Afterwards I went there with my friends few times. I ate other chickens and my favourite one is 1) “Original Korean oven baked chicken” and 2) “Honey Curry chicken”. The last one is not traditional Korean style chicken, but honey taste is booming in Korea, so they  invented a new style taste to keep up with the boom. I like the twist of sweet and a bit spice taste!

“Goobne Chicken” has a restaurant in TST and Mong Kok. I went to both. I personally like the one in Mong Kok, because the service is nicer and it seems not so many people dining there. I highly recommend not to go there during peak hours  as the  time is limited to 90 minutes only. If you are in the big group, it might be a bit too rush. During peak hours they will not accept any reservation. I went there at 3pm (late lunch) and 6pm (early dinner).

So, if you are curious now and want to try the hottest chicken in town (in my point of view) , try “Goobne Chicken” :

5/F, King Wah Centre, 628 Nathan Road, Mong Kok

Tel.: 2116 0002

Currently, on Openrice there is a promotion: up to 20% in Lunch hour and midnight hours.


爛gag – English (1)

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9th November 2015

注意,好爛gag!! I was incredible happy that I was able to buy the eggs before the shop closed. Embrassing them with my arms, i was walking down the stairs…. Until I fell. I stood up n then I saw the disaster! 7 eggs out of 10 are broken?! That’s called EGGcident, isn’t it?

The street I was living

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9th August 2015

For me some words in Chinese sounds same, although the meaning is totally different. And for sure I don’t know it, until I something (usually) unpleasent happened or somebody tell.

I use to live on Suspicious streetCooke Street (some people write it wrong as “Coke street” or even “Cock Street”). I have  heard a lot of ppl saying “Pokk gai” and I believed I was living on “Pokk gai”.

One day I took a cab and said to the cab driver “Pokk gai!”. It seems he did not understand, so I repeat it a bit louder “POKK GAI!!!” and … the cab driver got angry “!??hoswifhsdklofsnjdlfkhso!” What the hell happened? Ok, he won’t take me to “Pokk gai” and I stopped another cab. I asked a bit more friendly this time “Pokk gai…. ?” And same the cab driver refused to take me.

Desperately I was, I asked my friend for help. And then I found out that “Pokk gai” have this meaning: CLICK HERE 

And actually I was living in “Cokk gai”……



Moving Tales

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Previously I mentioned I have moved in Hong Kong a lot.  I have been asked why?

So, this is the story about my moving in HKG :)

First flat: I was living with a Chinese family, but we did not come along very well. So I moved out.

2nd flat: Well it was not really a flat… i stayed on the street for 3 nights.

3rd flat: I was living on the top floor and during the typhoon season, basically it rains into my flat. I complained to the landlord and he repaired three times, but we no improvement. At the end of the third repair, he asked me to take brush and remove the water on the roof by my own, so the water has no chance to get into my flat. Seriously? Yes, he was serious. And I did few times. Honestly speaking, the mass of raining is so much, that one person and one brush is just not enough. I decided to move.

4th  flat was just a around the corner of the first flat. It was the probably the tiniest and cheapest flat I had ever lived in Hong Kong. Most of our neighbours are low income people, who are collecting rubbish, paper, old clothes or anything else what can be exchanged with money or still can be used by their own. Even used tissue paper has been dried up and used again…. it did not take long time until every night cockroaches conquered our home. I could not stand it any more and move out.

5th flat was just around the corner of the 2nd flat. It was a cozy studio. After 6 months I got a letter from the Hong Kong’s Building Authority that my flat/building is under high risk of collapsing. Another 3 months later, bricks from the kitchen’s ceiling fell down and I was just lucky enough that I was not at home. I took this as a sign and moved out.

6th flat was between my 2nd and 3rd flat. It was a decent place. And I love that flat…. until the typhoon season came. In total I got 15 holes in the ceiling, where water drops down crazily, some areas water was running betokening wall paper and wall. It was during summer and the humidity in my home increased to nearly 100%. I had some worker in my home to check the damage and cause, but they never found the holes, hence they have never repaired. So I moved out.

7th flat was a in very lonely area. During night it was not safe walking alone as a girl. Something happened and I decided to leave that area.

8th  flat was in Lantau Island. My friend offered me to stay with her temporarily until her flatmate came back.

9th flat: Finally I found a flat I stayed for 2 years! The ceiling fell down and damaged the bathroom.  You know after all these experience, I was not scared, not panic and pretty calmed down. Shit happens. I accepted it and keep living there… until my tenant asked me to leave :(

10th flat: I was luckily. I found a flat. It is the same building. I moved from 13th to 30th floor. So far, I live happily. My flat is suffering from some the water flooding problem during rainy typhoon days…. I came to the conclusion there is not any perfect flat. Touch wood, this is my last moving tale!

Our first performance

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26th July 2015

1st of July was not only a super hot day, but also the Establishment Day of Hong Kong. In this frame my master has been invited to participate at Wanchai District’s activity. My classmate and me had our first performance ofAva, Master Joe and myself “Phoenix In Graceful Clouds of Blessing“. Because I have been so nervous, I have been rehearsing for almost two hours. The stage was on a sports ground and the sun was shining on the stage and guests’ sitting areas. As it was too hot, there have been not so many guests. I would wish more guests could come, see us and join us for classes! Next year might be better! Can you recognise the phoenix on our uniform?

Group picture


Favorite public place in HKG (1)

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26th July 2015

Getaway from Canton RoadRooftop area of China Hong Kong City is one of my favorite places for…

… enjoying the  views on West Kowloon,
… watching colourful sunsets,
… eating my lunchbox,
… escaping from the crowd,
… sunbathing during lunch hours,
… breathing the “fresh” (?) from the sea better than the air from the air conditioner,
… relaxing under palm trees and having the feeling being on holiday.

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