MY BLOG is simply about my every day life in HKG: dining, impressions, gatherings with friends, cooking, interesting local products (useful souvenirs), language challenges, culture, travelling   – every little experience will made my every day special.  Every day contains a lot of small happiness, which are easy to overlook. It is important for me to look at life from the frog perspective to see that those small happiness as much as possible to be grateful for those small mercies.

NOBU  enjoys laughing, travelling in Asia (mainly Japan & Mainland China), learning Chinese by a lot of misunderstandings (different tone, different meaning!), watching sunsets, collecting frog characters’ merchandises, writing, storytelling , practicing Tai Chi, hiking, dragon boating. Although she has been living in HKG almost for 9  years, she keeps enjoying life in HKG and is eager to discover and explore it further like a tourist! ( ^ ___ ^ )

My family and good friend are in Germany. Meanwhile my further friends, who I met in HKG or during my travelling in Asia are spread over the world. However, we still keep in touch, no matter where we are, I am pretty sure we are going to meet one day again, because “Human beeing are not mountains.” Human beeings have legs and can move, mountains cannot move. My dear family and friends, thank you for supporting me!
Especially thank you to Echizen: Beside of being my good friend, he is helping to set up, maintain my blog!

Last update [Summer 2015]



Welcome to my blog, which has been made for experience and thoughts during my stay in HongKong by a good friend Echizen (A lot of Thanx to him xxx ^__^)

On the 26th of July 2006 I have started my trip to my new working and life experience to HKG. I supposed to be here for a short time, but now I am going to celebrate my 3rd year’s anniversary of Being in HKG.

Although I am already here for a long time, there is a lot of things to discover, not only in Hong Kong, but also in Japan, Germany, China etc.

So, I will continue writing about my every-day-adventure. I have added the categorie “culture&tradition” and also the English-Chinese-bilingual section.

I am learning Putonghua, because I like this language. It is the first year of my 2 years learning to talk and to use. Writing a blog in Chinese is double exicted. Do not worry, my main language on this blog will be English ^__^ You are welcome to join my trip through Chinese. It will be funny!

Thank you for reading my blog!
Thank you especially to Echizen for supporting my blog and me.

Best wishes from Asia
Yours Nobu [Spring 2009]


July 2006

Welcome to my blog, which has been made for experience and thoughts during my stay in HongKong by a good friend Echizen (A lot of Thanx to him xxx ^__^)I am going to HK on 26 th of July. Beginning of next month I will start working as a trainee at a German Company.
You can imagine, I am really looking forward to work, get to know the city, culture and people living there!

Enjoy my personally news XD

See ya