I used to love security during travelling: Fixed schedule (like a time table in school)  and pre-booked accommodations were a MUST. Everything would be under my control and I would see as much as possible sightseeing spots in a short time to maximize my stay.  I really loved to travel like that. Stressful, but fully packed with activities!

In 2012 I have changed my travelling style. I have no longer a time table, instead I am using a mind map. It shows options and  interests of a travelling destination. I am a vagabond, no boundaries, no limitation and I stay in a area as long as I want.  Here I would like share my collection of travelling stories and adventures with you. If you have any questions, drop me a line :)





Kerama Island: Dec- April is the best time for whale watching


… to be continued!


Edit: August 2015