Magic Moments in Kowloon

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2011 / 06 / 16

Whenever I am on holiday (e.g. Okinawa) I am eager to see the sunrise and the sunset, it is so amazingly beautiful!! None of the sunrise or sunset is the same, that’s why it is interesting to look at them everyday. They gave me the feeling “Ah~~, the day are going to start! I need to add oil!” and “Ah~, the day is going to end. It was a successful day.” Every day’s moments are different, same as my every-day-life.
Honestly speaking, in HKG I have not been that eager to see the sunrise or sunset yet, because I think the environment (city only) is not that beautiful and most of the time I am just too busy doing overtime. Hm? Sounds like an excuse, might be.
However, these days I am seeking for watching the sunset in HKG. The Gateway and the China Hong Kong City in TST offers to see “Magic Moment”, between 6pm and 7pm, from their facilities. Last week I took the chance to enjoy those magic moments after work.

Wow, it is so beautiful. Indeed it is a different feeling (for me) to watch the sun going down and disappearing into the sea, cloud or behind the city. But still, it is gorgeous! Watching the sunset, I am able to calm down for a while and think about my day.

Here is a sunset in Hung Hom at the Railway station. On the window indoor lights are reflecting, it looks like some UFOs are flying in the sky. Don’t you think so?

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