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2011 / 05 / 21

Yesterday I saw a name card of our supplier on my colleague’s table, which is special for me as the name of the contact person is Patric Pan.
Whenever I see this family name, I remember my meeting with Peter Pan (this is his real name!) in the train from Guangzhou to Hong Kong. He has just attend the Canton Fair same as me. I met him already on the way to the Canton Fair, but we did not talk. So when we met again on the way back to Hong Kong, we need to laugh and talk.
“Nice to meet you, I am Peter Pan. I can fulfill all your dreams. But please do not tell it to my wife.” he introduced himself and pointed on his wife, which was showing me proudly what she has bought at the Canton fair: Pearl necklaces. When I saw this scene, I was wondering, if he is really Peter Pan, then she must be the pirate James Hook. I wanted to know her name immediately and started to talk, but then interrupted by Peter Pan “And you, young lady, what is your name?” I answered with a big smile “I am Tinker Bell. My first name is Tinker and family name is Bell. I am so glad to meet you, Peter Pan.” His wife suddenly stood up and showed me her huge amount of white pearl necklaces “By the way, I am Captain James Hook!”

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