Yearned for birthday dinner with Di

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2010/09/09  Here we goes: 2nd part of my birthday

At the end of the working day, my very good friend in Germany phoned me. He just came back from a not pleasant trip, but he told me in a funny way, so I was laughing a lot. Thank you for not forgetting my big day!

Thank you also to my mom and little brother, who rang me up and made me really happy!

Sharply at 6pm I finished work, changed my cloth and made me ready for THAT dinner at THAT location with my good friend. I DID know it will be a great gorgeous night, but I never expected that it would be THAT good.

Because of the rain, I grab a cab to the W-hotel, which is actually not that far away from our office. Once the cab arrived at the hotel, a very handsome blond hair guy in white trousers and blue-white-striped with a red umbrella opened the door (of the cab), greeted me “How are you doing?”  and helped me out of the cab. He accompanied me to the roofed area of the hotel. It took me a while until I realized that he is a hotel staff and he is “just” doing his job.

I have been welcomed by a big big W on the big wall in the hotel lobby. Decorations of the lobby were very simple with high ceiling and fresh nice air. Another young handsome Chinese man welcomed me at the lobby and accompanied me to the lift and to the restaurant, where a charming lady was waiting and asking me “Good evening, Miss. May I help you?” Everyone of the hotel staff were in good mood, were smiling and talked to the guests, which created a nice atmosphere.

While I was waiting for my friend, I was amazed by THE KITCHEN. All furniture looked simple, but elegant. Decorations were decent. Unfortunately that day the weather was rainy, so the sea view was not that good, but I assumed it must be great during sunny daytime. Meanwhile the waiter came over, introduced himself and he really cared about my well-being. I was reading a magazine published by W-Hotel (introducing W-Hotel of the entire world) and enjoying the silence although the restaurant had a lot of customers. None of them, split on the table, burp, shovel food into her/his mouth, run around or shout. I really did enjoy this silence, I was relaxing and for a moment I forgot that I am in Hong Kong.

Because of traffic jam, my friend was a little bit late. She wore a nice black dress and was even carrying the same hand bag as me, as I realized later on!

We started the dinner buffet. Amazing! All food looked a good AND tasted amazingly great! Salad, seafood, lamb, fish, sushi, ham, cake, cookies, ice cream, soup, vegetables, candies, nuts, bread, cheese and lots more– there was a huge range of food. All warm food has been freshly made, we were able to see how they cook. The atmosphere was very good, I had the feeling, as I entered not a buffet, but a big kitchen. The dishes and the decoration were a nice fusion of Chinese and European style.


Thank you to my great friend Di, who suggested to celebrate my birthday in THE KITCHEN, who joined me for the whole evening. It was very great fun, unique, nice, delicious, exotic birthday! Thank you!


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