Birthday surprise at office

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2010 / 09 / 09

Actually some of my colleague kept me asking whether I am on drugs. Well, I have been indeed injected – by the greatest pleasure I have nearly forgot that it DOES exist!!! o(^o^o)o(^o^)o(o^o^)o

After being happily on cloud nine, my big day has come. I have already woke up at 3 o’clock in the morning and started to think ( ̄~ ̄;)??about which make-up I should choose, which color of manicure suits most, which high heels I should wear, which bag looks great. Although I have decided everything already two days ago, I started to think over whether made decisions were all correct.

At office I have been surprised (O_O) by my colleague who prepared a gift for me: Camembert and pretzels. Recently I fell in love in this combination; it is so yummy to dip in the salty pretzels in a half melted mild camembert cheese. He even lighted up a candle for me! Now everyone knew that today is my birthday: While others started to look in their drawers what they can give, the others ran into the flower shop downstairs to buy a flower.

For lunch I have been invited for dim sum lunch at “Wedding Banquet Specialist 188” in Tsim Sha Tsui by my whole team. There my German colleague played piano for me. Since he could not play a birthday song, he played a Xmas song for me. What a great surprise! My team ordered a lot of dishes (as usual when we eat dim sum). I fell in love with one specific dish: Carrot & Egg Custard Bun. The custard is made of egg and lemon. Wow!! Dough of the bun is mixed with carrots (usually it is plain), which gave the custard an additional yummy taste! I recommend this dish to you!!! If you have the chance, please try it! (^__^)b

Herewith I would like to thank you all my colleagues and my team for a pleasant birthday during working hours!!! Thank you!!!

To be continued … I am still too excited. I need a break first before I can tell you what happened after work(o^-^o) ウヒッ.

PS Photos will be uploaded later.

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