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2010 / 09 / 08

While I was living in Germany, I planned my gatherings well, always few weeks ahead. This way invited friends have enough time to plan and confirm their visit. The good thing is once they confirmed, they will seldom cancel.

When I came to Hong Kong, I was well organized as well. But I found out quickly: Even if I plan gatherings few weeks before, it will never happen according to my plan. That made me so crazy, disappointed and angry. I also did not understand how people can let me know suddenly 10 minutes before the gathering started that they could not make it any more and they would not join. This will never ever happen among my German friends in Germany…

However, during my stay in Hong Kong I have learnt to be flexible and spontaneous. It may happen that one evening I will receive a sms mentioned “We will go for KTV at 7pm! Please let me know asap!” or “Dinner in H.H. now?” I have already got to use to it, so I am not surprised any more at all. Usually I will go for those gatherings. Public transportation is really great here, so I can travel from A to B within 30 minutes.

Two weeks ago my friend enthused me about a great western buffet in THE KITCHEN of the W-hotel. We checked the website immediately. It looks so gorgeous! Just reading the menu, my mouth started watering! So I decided to celebrate my big day there with her! My friend advised me to book the table with sea view in advance(!). We have also agreed to wear nice dresses that night, so it would be a special night for both of us.ヾ(>▽<)ゞ ウレシイ♪

I was so extremely excited きゃっきゃo(^-^ )o( ^-^)oきゃっきゃthat I could not speak fluent English during the reservation call, I even forgot my birthday date! Once the reservation was confirmed, I bought a nice nice black dress for that night. The following week I was much more excited that I could not sleep at all. I was in very good mood: I was singing ♪♪♪during day-and night time, during working hours, yes, even during rowing training! I was laughing(^_^), smiling and giggling for nearly 24 hours! I was so happy.

Because of getting used to be spontaneous, I totally forgot this kind of feeling, this happiness, to look forward for something in the near future, o(^o^o)o(^o^)o(o^o^)o the greatest pleasure: Anticipation.

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