Frog’s attack

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2010 / 09 / 07

After work I went home straight. When I was going to open the wooden door, I heard a noise. This noise was definitely coming out from my flat. “zzz …zzz…zzz”. I was thinking what kind of noise it could be. May be the fridge? May be the TV? I did not know. “Never mind.” I thought, shrugged my shoulders, turned the key and finally opened the wooden door. “ZZZ … ZZZ…. ZZZ”  – much louder than before – sounded from every corner of my flat, I carefully turned on the light and \(>o<)/WAHHHHHHHHH?! I wanted to screamed, but I could not. I lost my voice. My flat was full of green frogs. “ZZZ … ZZZ…. ZZZ” I have never ever seen so many frogs at one time.
Yes, I like frogs. I even was thinking about to have a frog as pet before. But.. but .. but .. these are too much!
I could not…. I even did not think about to take a picture, but if I could, you would see the whole situation. Terrible!
Close to the desk lamp, hidden in the shadow,  I recognized a big, probably the biggest frog (may be a frog prince/king? – Nobu, no time to joke around now!!!!). Suddenly he looked at my eyes, jumped in my direction, and bared its teeth (frogs have teeth? I did not know!!!). Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, help! I
I was sweating, when I woke up. I opened my eyes, found out lying on my bed and looked around. No frogs. No real frogs. And no frogs with teeth. Only my frog toys. I breathed out, and felt happy when I realized that it was only a dream. I grabbed my alarm clock, only 4am. I am still very tired, I fell asleep again.
I could see how the big-teeth-baring- frog was approaching me. Once he landed at my shoulder, it bit my cheek. Its sharp teeth speared every layer of my skin. Warm blood came out from the wound and running down my cheek, mouth and neck. Although I pressed my lips together, I tasted my own blood. I smelt blood. Suddenly I felt an extremely huge pain, this frog just tore off a part of my cheek and split it onto the floor. Once my part of the cheek touched the floor, all the other frogs jumped towards on it, bit it, and ate it like hungry piranhas. After they finish this small part, it seems they has just got hungry and seeking for more. All frog eyes starred at me. “ZZZ..zzz…ZZZ” I could hear them, they came closer and closer. The last thing I saw was all the frogs, small ones, big ones, fat ones, was baring their teeth and jumped towards me. Then I lost conscience.
When I woke up, I was not bleeding any more, but sweating much more than before. My alarm clock tells me the time: 6am. I could not slept any more, because I was too scared of my beloved frogs would attack me again. Therefore I decided to have a rest in the living room first.
Although I woke up already, my cheeks were still painful. I touched my cheek. Everything is ok. I felt a bit released. Then suddenly I was able to hear “ZZZ….zzzz… zzz” . I stopped breathing. “Nobu, this is a dream only, wake up, WAKE up.” I was keep on saying to me. But how can I wake up, when I am already wake up? I could clearly hear a “ZZZ…zzz” from one corner and after a while “ZZZ …zzz” from the other corner. I felt scarred, but I could not help, so I decided to go towards the sound. This is definitely not the TV, it is also not the fridge. I was sitting there and listening( ・_・)hmmm. Suddenly I have realized that one “zzz..zzz” responds on the “zzz….zzzz”. Sigh… now I knew what kind of sound it is: two salamanders are probably flirting with each other…

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