Happy Birthday

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We wish you a Happy Birthday, Nobu! ^_^

Happy Birthday, Nobu!


9 Responses to “Happy Birthday”

  1. d-mo Says:

    Happy Birthday, Nobu! :)

  2. Siu Says:

    woah… happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you… happy birthday toooo nooobuuuuu… happy birthday to youuuuuuuu…

  3. Digioso Says:

    Happy birthday.

  4. Chris Says:

    Happy birthday onee chan ^-^

  5. Nobu Says:

    Thank u 4 nice greetings + picture. What a surprise! Esp. the frog *g*

    Thank u:)) Hey, also Happy Birthday 2 u!

    Thanx, your song is lovely XD

    Thank u 4 greetings:)


  6. Proto Says:

    Happy Birthday!!! *waves*
    Hope to see you sometime again! :D

  7. Marie Says:

    Alles alles Gute auch von mir!!! Ich hoffe das du ein super Geburtstag im tollen China hattest!
    I’m the only one who writes in german. ^_^;

  8. Echizen Says:

    I’ve changed the source code of the main page. The “Happy Birthday” entry will now stay at top for the entire September! :)

  9. Nobu Says:

    Thanks. Sure we will do :)

    Do not worry, I also understand German XD
    I had a nice birthday, thank u.

    Big thanx. It looks nice! At the moment I am reading a manga. The girl is wearing always a t-shirt with a frog XD

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