Magic Day 55

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5th of May was magic day for me, and an incredible day for my close friends. On that day something happens, my friends hardly believe me until they saw me online skying at my home!
Ever since I have lived here, I never had my own internet at home. I used go to internet café nearby (very cheap 8HKD/60 minutes) in order to Skype, mail, chat, blog, face book or watch movies. Whenever I got some virus or PC problems, working staff fixed them immediately. Actually it is quite convenient and also reasonable. Most of the users in those cafes are playing war games (?). While everyone were shooting and killing each other, I used to sit in the small corner laughing very loud (-^O^-)アハハハ, just because some happy things happened or sometimes I was crying (o >_< o) えーん because I was so emotionally touched by a movie or dorama! It must be quite funny scene for every new user and … also a bit annoying for the shop owner.

Well, the reasons I have not had internet for such long time were
1. I suppose to be here only for 6 months. I did not want to sign a two-year-contract. Certainly HKG also have some short-term contract, but it is too expensive!
2. My notebook bought in Germany did not work well in HKG, although my very good friend repaired several times for me. *thank you echizen!*
3. All my flats I was and am living have not any telephone line. My landlords did not agree to drill holes in the flat for the cable.
4. Because of 3. my choice for internet providers was limited. Every district has one provider (monopoly). In my district it is Hutchison only.
5. I was afraid I am getting addicted to internet. This is very scary!

How come Nobu has internet @home now?
1. I suppose to be here for 6 months, I am already here for 4 years. I probably stay here for further (un)certain time.
2. My friend Prototype came to HKG in March and helped me to buy a notebook in HKG.
3. I still do not have a telephone line, but a lot of power sockets! So no need to bother the land lord!
4. Since because of 3. I was able to consider Vodafone as my in-future-provider.
5. My schedule is tied; I have not any time to get addicted to internet. So no need to be scary!

Actually I was considering to buy mobile internet from an “USB”stick (Vodafone,around 188HKD+tunnel fee/month) although I have heardt sometimes their reception is not nice, interruption might happen (T__T). But then my colleague told me that her husband has just signed an internet contract via power socket. The line is stable and safe AND it is reasonable. On the same day I went to Vodafone in my district and sign a contract. After one hour signing the contract I was able to use the internet!!! So easy, simple and uncomplicated- No installation by qualified person is necessary! My friend D. accompanied me to buy internet dated me for skype immediately for the same night.  I was extremely excited, so my friend. “Nobu, it is SO amazing, that YOU have internet! We should Skype!” ♪♪♪ ( ^^)人(^^ ) ♪♪♪ We both rushed homes in order to skype asap rather than talk now in real life…

5th of May is also a magic day for Mohamed! Happy Birthday!!

EDIT: I am sorry for such a delay. My right fracturd hand wrisk has still not recovered yet.

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  1. Mohamed Says:

    Thank you for the birthday wishes ^^
    I do appreciate it!
    Cheers – Mohamed

  2. Nobu Says:

    Mohamed, sorry for my delay again. You are welcome and I am glad that you received my message! Nobu

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