Nodame Cantabile Paradise II

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2010 / 04 / 29

Probably whole Hong Kong was in Nodame Cantabile fever in March: we had classic concerts playing soundtrack of this j-doroma including piano pieces played by Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra (HKPO) and also western pianists. Those pieces had been played by Chiaki or Nodame in the dorama before. There were a lot of advertisements on buses, in local newspapers, big posters at bus stations – just in order to promote Nodame Cantabile.
Honestly I did not know that Nodame Cantabile is SO popular in Hong Kong as well.
However, I was happy meeting Nodame and Chiaki, no matter where I was in Hong Kong. I really love this dorama, it makes me so happy, smiling and laughing! Really, I can recommend this dorama to you!

Beside the airport-event, there was another big event: Nodame Cantabile (original tone with subtitels) Movie in Hong Kong Cinema. \(^O^)/ YEAH! I did not think that long, I bought ticket immediately and went by myself to the cinema in Whampoa Garden. I felt happy and my heart was jumping as I had been fault in love o(^^o) (o^^o) (o^^)o . WOW ! I could meet Nodame and Chiaki at the BIG screen! Somehow I was so happy and so excited that I missed out one detail, so after the movie my mood turned 180 degrees and I got disappointed. I was expecting a great great end (a happy end for Nodame) but I found out that the movie has been splitted up into two parts!!! (T__T)Ah!!!!!!!! I have to wait until part 2 will be released in HKG!!!!!!!! I even did not realize that there is second part, when I was watching at the trailer …. 。・°°・(;>_<;)・°°・。

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