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My friend from China called Tim was visiting Hong Kong last weekend, so I accompanied him to Ocean Park, which is a popular destination for tourists and a great amusement park combined a zoo and riding attractions.

Tim has already pre-booked tickets in China. I was very surprised (°o°;;) ナント! that after discount tickets only costs 150 RMB (=175HKD), original entrance fee is 250 HKD in Hong Kong!! Thank you, Tim!

We always speak Chinglish, a mix of English and Chinese. It is a great exercise for both of us, he can improve his English and I can improve my Mandarin.

While Tim was trying to find the tour guide, who will issue us the tickets, I was waiting at the entrance. A lady with her daughter was sitting at the entrance. A small yellow and red sticker named with a travel agent in China was labeled on her shirt; she probably joined a tour to come to Ocean Park. Well, I assume the lady observed Tim and me for a while. After Tim left in order to find the tour guide, she talked to me “Ey, 朋友,你很漂亮! [Ey, friend, you are beautiful!]“ I was surprised and answered “我的朋友你很漂亮吗?  [Is my friend beautiful?]” When the lady rose up her voice and used her hands to express her feelings, I recognized that I misunderstood her. She said, it sounds a little bit angry, but she was not angry at all “不是! 他不漂亮!! 是朋友!! 你很漂亮!!! [No, he is not beautiful! YOU are beautiful!]” First I thanked her (*^.^*)エヘッ
, but then I remembered and said with a big smile in my face “哪里哪里! [Not at all!]” The lady and the daughter were laughing. Tim rushed back and asked me “Any problems?” I could not answer clearly, I just smiled to Tim, to the lady and the daughter. (^ー^* ) フフフフ

We received tickets from the tour guide and explored Ocean Park, mainly the riding attractions. Later on we went to a German pub “Schnurrbart” in Lan Kwai Fong. In total it was nice day!.. and a beautiful day *ggg*

Tim, hopefully you have enjoyed your stay in Hong Kong!

PS. In this context 朋友 is used as a greeting to an unknown person. It does not mean “friend” (orginal meaning).

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