How Koppu influences our (working-)life

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14 / 09 /2009
Do you know Koppu?

During the dragon boat training on Sunday morning we have already felt him. During that hot day, Koppu gave us a comfortable light breeze, which was actually refreshing!

On Sunday evening he came much closer to Hong Kong. It was not only a light breeze, but stronger. Typoon number 1 has been announced. It seems Koppu felt a little bit lonely and seemed to need more attention, so he brought his friends heavy rain and thunder along.

When I woke up this morning, the first thing I did was checking the news ont he TV. Oh! (00;) ナント! Koppu is still around HKG, still active, while his friends probably taking a rest.
I went to work and was working as everybody do. We usually talk about our weekends, but today is different. Our main topic is Koppu.
At 11am the HKG observatory issued strong wind signal No. 3. What does it mean? Well, it means “winds with mean speeds of 41 to 62 kilometers per hour are expected.”
It seems Koppu is good mood today and very strong. Among colleagues he is the star! We only talk about him and we only think about him! “Do you think typhoon no. 8 will be issued?” o(^ー^)oワクワク
Then a call from a colleague’s friend, who is working at the Observatory. “Typhoon no. 8 will be issued around 4pm!” The rumor quickly spread over in the office. We can go home earlier! (≧ ≦)Ω ヨッシャ! Some colleague already started to say “I want to go home!” But wait, not yet, not yet. While others are whispering and discussing, the others has started to rush working. If you here, you will definitely feel how Koppu rocked the boat indeed. (°_°;)ハラハラ(; °_°)You can definitely feel the excitement and the “stress”.
Then few hours later another call  from that friend influence our working performance: “Typhoon no. 8 will be issued around 6pm!” The rumor and disappointment ( ̄□ ̄;)!!    がーん! quickly spread over in the office, because our working hours is until 5:30 pm. It is like a football game. The foot ball player Koppu just missed his goal. 。°(ToT)°。
At around 4pm the HKG Observatory announced that “the Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal Number 8 is expected to be issued at or before 6:00 p.m. today […]. Winds locally will strengthen further. “

“In the past hour, the maximum sustained winds recorded at Waglan Island and Tate’s Cairn were 81 and 63 kilometres per hour with maximum gusts 100 and 85 kilometres per hour respectively. “
The Government advises members of the public with long or difficult home journeys or having to return to outlying islands to begin their journeys now. The Government is now making arrangements to release its employees accordingly. “
Soon after it our HR –department send out an email, to go home asap. Wow! Koppu just made a goal! \(^o^)/バンザーイ We can go home earlier! I expected that everyone is going immediately, but it was not. It takes around 30 minutes, until only few people in the office left.
Yes, indeed. It is like a football game. Team with player Koppu has won, so we all go home for celebration! (^O^)/~ YEAH!
The real fight will start for us now, because when all HKG people are going to go home at the same time, you can imagine how crowded it is. But we all have the same feeling: Returning home earlier make us happy. (^ ^)ウ(^。^)レ(*^o^)シ(^O^)イ

Take care and go home safely, guys!

PS. (A)waiting a typhoon is always extremely exciting (as long we are in safe place) during weekdays, because it will affect our working life and hours.

Quotation has been taken from the website of the Hong Kong Observatory.

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  1. Nobu Says:

    During 2am and 5pm Koppu was very strong: 140km/hr! Just give you an idea, what typhoon no. 8 means.

    The next day I have checked news on TV: Typhoon no. 8 is still on! No need to go to work! So I took further rest. At 10:15am Koppu has been downgraded to no. 3 and I prepared to go to work. Many people went to work at the same time, so I got in traffic jam!

    When I stept outside I have expected more damages on the street, but (luckily) there was not that big damage! Just one rubbish bin was dissambled, all the rubbish had been spread over the street. Here and there a broken umbrella. When I was walking from my home to the busstation (5 minutes walk), I counted the broken umbrella and also took pictures of them – just for fun. Can you imagine how many broken umbrellas I have seen on the way? 22 pcs. When I have arrived at the bus station, I saw a cleaning lady collecting the broken umbrellas into a huge black plastic bags…

    There might not big damages in Kowloon area, but there was flooding in other part of Hong Kong. (water until the chest!)

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