Live (like) in a prison

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Since Jan 2008 I am living together with Sammy. Our flat is small, each of us have their own room with a lockable door, so we can keep privacy by ourselves. Kitchen, Bathroom and living room is our common area.
My room is small as well: 4sqm that means 2m long and 2m bright. It gets a little more narrow after placing my super-duper-multitask-own(!)-bed with built-in 3 book shelves+ 2 wadrobes + 3 big drawers into the room. I decorate it with some figures and frogs to make my room more comfortable and alive. I like it! I feel very well there. (-^〇^-) Isn’t it comfortable, what do you think?

Last time I read an article about prisoners in Texas. Their cells are also only 4sqm! Same size as my room! They probably have more place than me, because they do not have so much furniture and belongings. This was the first time that I really aware how small my own room indeed is.

Last week there was a burglary in the apartment in the 7th floor. It seems that the burglar came during the lunch time, when the security men went out for lunch. Our pass number for the main entrance has been changed and in the ground floor there are now hanging leaflets regarding how to secure your own home. So last weekend I finally fixed the gate/bars onto the window. My room really looks like a prison now, since every window in my room has bars so that nobody can get into my room from outside!

I feel so uncomfortable! (T____T) I do not like the bars, so I try to cover them by my curtain.

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