Beautiful like a Flower

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In order to improve my Chinese pronunciation much more, I have decided to talk more. Recently I have started to speak Putonghua also in office, and nearly all of my colleagues kindly cooperate with me, although is not always easy (sorry m(T__T)m). One of my colleagues Henry teaches me new words with at least 4 characters, which I try to use it as often as possible.

Henry: Today you are very beautiful!
Nobu: Thank you!
Henry: In Chinese it means “今天你是貌美如花.”  “貌美如花” means beautiful like a flower!
Nobu: 今天我是貌美如花, 真的吗? [Is it true, that I am very beautiful today?]
Henry: 真的. [Yes, this is true.]

The following day
Nobu: 今天我是貌美如花吗? [Am I beautiful like a flower today?]
Henry: hm … [he is thinking]
Nobu:  今天我不是貌美如花. [Today I am not beautiful like a flower.]
Henry: ???
Nobu: 今天我是普通花*. [Today I am normal flower.]
Henry: Hahahaha

You may think this conversation is meaningless. But for me it is not, by using new characters also learning characters, which I cannot find in my text book, is a great experience for me. When I look in the past, e.g. last year I was too shy and afraid to talk. But since “Happy Chinese”-experience in Guangzhou, I feel very motivated to talk. At the moment my sentences are short and easy, but I am sure one day I can make more complicated sentence like “I am a happy person with an unique smile learning Putonghua in HKG and I am proud of myself’ (^_-)

*this expression is created by Nobu and does not exist.

2 Responses to “Beautiful like a Flower”

  1. Echizen Says:

    How cute XD

  2. Nobu Says:

    Is quite fun. Best way to learn a language ^__^

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