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As I have mentioned I have been in Guangzhou during new year.  I was looking for CD in a CD-shop, but unfortunately I could not remember the singer’s name.  Well, in school I have learnt to describe things, if I do not know something. So I use this method to explain the shop assistant – she speaks only Putonghua – what I want. So I also do!

Can YOU guess, who I am looking for?

“我 找 一 张CD.
I am looking for a CD.
我忘了歌手的名字, 我忘了他的汉字.
I forgot the name of the singer, I forgot how to write his name.
但是我记得他是男人, 他是台湾人.
But I remember he is a man, he is Taiwanese.
His songs are in Putonghua.
他的名字有三个汉字. 一 个汉字是”绿”.
His name contains 3 Chinese Characters; one of them is “green”
My Friend told me his songs are good.”

The shop assistant did know immediately who I am looking for and offered me following CDs.  (-^〇^-) If you also want to know, please click here.

4 Responses to “Guess, what I am looking for…”

  1. Echizen Says:

    Es sind über die Monate und Jahre doch so einige Beiträge zusammengekommen. Es war eine gute Idee dafür ein vernünftiges Weblog-System einzusetzen. :)

  2. Nobu Says:

    Ja, das stimmt. Danke fuer deine Hilfe. Es macht echt Spass zu bloggen, auch wenn nicht jeden Tag blogge. Und es ist auch schoen, manchmal zurueck zu blicken. (^_^)/

  3. edward Says:

    i guessed it right the first time too. :-) but what you are after is not actually a man but a group with the english name Soda Green.

  4. Nobu Says:

    You are very smart, too ^_^ yeah, u r right. I found out them(!)out after watching the DVD…Amazing Costumes!

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