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At the moment I am happy.

During New Year I went with my friend to Guangzhou (China).

She is half Chinese and half German.

她说德文, 英文和粤语一点儿.
She speaks German, English and a little bit Cantonese.

I am half Japanese and half German.

我说德文, 英文,日文和普通话一点儿
I speak German, English, Japanese and a little bit Mandarin.

In Guangzhou I talked a lot in Mandarin.

服务员(中国人) 常常听的懂我说什么和我明白他们.
Sales assistant (Chinese) often understand me and I understand them.

Therefore I am happy.

I have heard the sales assistant talked to the other one, that my Chinese is not bad.

Therefore I am happy.

In HKG I seldom talk Mandarin, because the national language here is Cantonese.

我希望有更多勇气说普通话, 我想说普通话更多, 我要学习普通话更多!
I wish I have more courage to talk Mandarin, I would like to speak more Mandarin and I will study more Mandarin!

Thank you to my big sis and my friends, who always practice talking to me!

One day I would like to speak Mandarin fluently.

这是我的梦想. 可以一天成真 !
This is my dream! One day it comes true!

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  1. Kazu Says:

    A happy birthday Riza san !

    I hope you enjoy in Hong Kong !!!

    Did you go to the next building to a gate way ?

    It seems to be fantastic like Rafuls in Singapoore ,,.

  2. Nobu Says:


    Thank you also for reading my blog! Ureshii! I will try to write more regularly:)))
    Not yet, actually I did not know that there is a new hotel! If it is fantastic like this, I have to seen it!

    CU soon for KTV!

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