May: I am ok!

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After my blue mood in April, I feel now much better! I started some activities in April, but this time it takes so many times for recovering. I am sorry for not let you know for long time what is going on here in HKG. Since I feel better now, I would like to summarize my latest news, which helps for recovering

1. In April I have registered into a local course for business Chinese (since this is a basic course, we are still training the pronunciation, but I am good hope that it will improve my practice! )
2. In April I have started to join the training for the dragon boat. Last year I saw so many races and cheered up the team of HKIA and Swire Properties, it was so fun. Even I was not member, I felt very excited. So that’s why this year I would like to be a participant. Stone, Robin, Yolander this year we are competitors – let’s have a good competition and Thank you to them!  and also to Gloria, who introduced me to the Dragon Boat!
3. I also fulfilled one of my childhood’s dreams. Since I was a girl, I would like to have a LV bag. I used to have a plastic one and I was saving money to buy one day a real one. When I finished my exam, I had realized that a LV wallet is still to expensive for me, so I could not afford. But more than 10 years later I found a LV bag which I like for a reasonable price! Honestly a sad powerless Nobu does not fit to a such beautiful bag! I need to be more like a lady and not like a mashed banana on the street! My LV and me had already some photo shooting.( ^_^)///

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