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Or “Do you remember me?” Part II For Part I, pl see here.

The clock and my empty stomach told me to leave office, since JUSCO was going to close soon. I was lucky that day, because I was able to catch the green mini bus immediately. I felt down in a short nap in the bus and luckily able to get off at the correct bus station. “Do you remember me?” a man’s voice asked me. I did not answered, since I was still somewhere in my dreams, far away from present. Don’t talk to me! “Do you remember me?” has been repeated. I just want to be walking in my dreams, but I have no choice and I turned my back and looked in a man’s face with short cut hair and one and long hairs in the front, yellow short and shorts. Who is he? I answered “Sorry, I do not remember you.” “We met last year. In the same boat.” The guy seems to be quite excited to meet me again, so he started to talk to me in interrupted phrases .“To Cheung Chau Island, to the bun festival, last year. Do you remember me?” Hm I was thinking shortly, but kept on walking. “Do you have time?” I felt annoying. “For what?” I answered unfriendly “I go to JUSCO for buying ingredients for dinner!” and kept walking fast. After a while …. Ohhhhhh~ I remember him. I guess. Last year I was on the way to CC by ferry and I asked a lot of ppl to take pictures of me, because I was not satisfied with the photos made of the first young couple, then old lady. I got the idea to ask some guys, who also have a camera, since they DO know how to USE a camera. I guess this guy was one of these guys. It should be. “Ahhh~ I remember you!” … but the guy with the interesting(?) hair cut had been disappeared meanwhile. Poor guy, but actually I did not care. I continued my shopping.

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