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frogThe weblog system is now updated to the most recent version; mainly due to security reasons. Also Nobu’s weblog has moved to another webserver:

Please update your bookmarks, the old url will only work for a short period of time. Because of the changes, the old theme is no longer compatible. I did my best to find a pleasant new green theme and modified it to look more girlish. At the bottom of the page you will now find the RSS feeds and a summary of the weblog, so you can easily access the latest posts and comments. I’m glad the system is running after almost no downtime. Don’t expect another webserver change in the near future. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Nobu, you surely did realize that sometimes -when you click on some topics or categories- the weblog wasn’t shown correctly anymore; e.g. no background picture or strange menu behavior like italic text or the menu suddenly appears at the bottom of the page. The reason is that in your posts there are double or not closed “html/css tags”. Maybe you click on the text edit button twice or something. I’ll explain it to you more detailed on phone. For now, it seems like I managed to fix all broken entries. Also all spam comments are now deleted. They were still in the database, even though we deleted them in the weblog (comments were 2MB, now 70kb!)… The current spam protection seems to run fine.

I don’t have a running site up myself… but I can’t hold back my current fandom:

Bambino“: A japanese live action production about a young man who wants to become a chefcook. Sometimes it tends to drag on a little to much, especially in the kitchen, but in overall there is great acting by one of my favorite japanese actors: “Jun Matsumoto”. Normally Matsumoto plays cool strong characters, for instance in “Gokusen”, but I’m surprised how well he actually master this kind of character. Download a small video scene of Episode 4. It shouldn’t spoil too much. Don’t expect good quality because I had to keep the file size small.
Hana Kimi“: Again a japanese live action production. The story is about a girl who is attracted to Sano, a high jump athlete. Sano attends an all-boys high school and Ashiya must disguise herself as a boy to enter. This production is a lot of fun and the actor Maki Horikita as Ashiya became my love in a blink! There are many great characters, like Nakatsu – he can’t accept that he’s obviosly in love with Ashiya, because he DOESN’T love boys! Well, hopefully someday he get to know that Ashiya is a girl… ;)

My Boss My Hero“: Guess what? Yup, a japanese live action production. :P Makio Sakaki is the oldest son of a strong yakuza gang leader. Makio’s father wants to retire soon and his son has to become the next boss. Makio’s strongest ability is his fighting-power. He can smash an entire evil gang alone. Though this might be very useful for a yakuza gang, there is only one problem: Makio is way stupid and mess up almost every important job he gets from his father. So his father decides that his 27 years old son will only become the next boss if he can graduate from school. If he can’t, his younger brother Mikio will get the postion of his father. So, Makio enters the school, pretends to be a 17 year young student and the fun starts. :)

Tales of the Abyss“: A great PS2 Action-RPG! I managed to extract 3 of my favorite video scenes out of the game and encoded them to high quality xvid:

Tales of the Abyss – Opening
Tales of the Abyss – Scene AS_003
Tales of the Abyss – Scene AS_004

Sorry for occupying your weblog, Nobu. The frog picture above reminds me somehow of Totoro. ^_-


9 Responses to “Information for visitors: “New url””

  1. Nobu Says:

    Thank you very much for saving and editing my information. This frog is funny and like it! I agree you this frogs looks like totoro, esp his big stomach and belly button XD
    I have looked for another theme, but since you kindly have changed to light pink, I am happy. So no need to change any more! Thank you so much! * see also my email*

    I have read the mango bambino and hanakimi. I did not like bambino so much.. maybe the j dorama is better. let’s see :) At the moment I am watching “top caster”
    Oh.. its time to go. It beginns in 15 minutes :)) See you later.

  2. Echizen Says:

    I like the new customized theme and the webserver is quite fast. The only bad thing is, you have to inform everyone about the new url of your weblog… :/

  3. Nobu Says:

    Honestly I do not mind if you write some summaries, comments or recommendations of J dorama. They are welcome! ^_^This is also interesting for me! Already last year I have started to watch to it intensively (probably because of the chance here), but also K-dorama!
    By Chance I was able to read the manga of bambino again. It is like “oshinbo” Do you know this? I was reading oshinbo at the beginning regularly, since it is also relevant for my cooking. hehe. Maybe I can also learn from Bambino?
    Not sure, but I think I have read also “My boss my hero”. Wow, it is interesting, I read the books and you look the dorama XD
    I am now going to watch “I am sorry, but I love you!” and “My sweet 18”

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