“Wetten, dass..”

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I bet I can loose 15 kg weight until the end of this year. I have already lost 5 kg (summer 2007), because of my illness I lost further 4kg (autumn 2007). – Last fact is actually sad… I would like to loose weight on a healthy way -.-
In order to motivate me, I have also asked my friend. She also wants to loose some weight.We are always eating and do sports for keeping our weight. Now the next step is to loose some weight.
If we can reach our target or close to our target, we will have a photo shooting by a professional photographer together!
Further on I made a bet with an another friend Yoshimoto-san. If I can reach my target, I will be rewarded by a nice dinner in a famous club recommend by Y-san. If I loose, then I”ll punish me and reward Y-san by a massage in a professional massage salon (without happy ending!!!) recommended by me, sightseeing in China. This day we are only allow to talk Chinese…

Diet schedule? No, I do not have! I’ll keep on enjoying food with Dy and friendz – but increase my time for sports! Ok, let’s go ahead, Nobu! Fighto~~~

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  1. Jack Says:

    Hahaha.. u are a nice and funny girl. I just read your blog tonight and i found it’s so interesting with what u wrote here. In fact, my english is poor and i would like to better my english so i search are there any expatriate living in HK that i can talk to them so on. After i found it, i read some threads then, i found the message u left and there is a link – your blog. Then, i started to read it and it makes me happy when i reading your blog, haha! Especially the conversation your fd – lisa vs travel agent. Thank you!

  2. Nobu Says:

    10 kg sind ja schon runter. Wobei 1-2 kg immer schwanken. Aber die anderen 8 kg habe ich im Griff. Das Photo shooting wird gemacht, zur Not auch alleine. Dafuer spare ich kraeftig. Bin total motiviert und sei bitte beruhight, ich hungere fuer meine diet sicherlich nicht.

    Thank you for reading and visting my blog! It’s my pleasure and I am looking forward to make you happy. I think your English is not bad! Just keep reading, listening, talking English! Same as me, my Chinese is not well progressed, but I continue and do not give up! Hopefully see you soon!

  3. Nobu Says:

    sigh.. I lost the bet.
    Until 2007-12-31 I lost totally 10 kg.
    Let’s go to CH!!!

  4. Echizen Says:

    That’s a lot! o_Ô

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