Countdown is running

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Today I played table tennis in a Club today with J. He plays quite well. His eyes were like a fire, as he was always triering to get my special serves. We had a lot of fun. We agreed on next time to play again:)

I have a real bad feeling since I have arrived here. But I thought ” Be optimistic”

Now it happens. This evening I was asked kindly if I would mind to move out. H. and J.’s mother came home tonight. H. and his mother was discussing very loud.. I do not know if they discussed about me, but I guess.

They also mention a reason, aber ich denke, dass das der wahre Grund ein anderer ist. Ich zerbrech mir jetzt nicht den Kopf, warum und wieso, denn: Anyway the cause is not important at the moment, fact is that I have to move out. Now I have to search for a roommate or an own appartment. They offer me an appartment, near my office “on favourable terms”. I am going to look at soon.
I understand their situation and it does not matter to move out, really.

I have to hurry up finding a roommate or own appartement /room until I start working. Two days are left.

On the other hand, I can move also on workdays, because I have less baggage.

Don’t worry about that Nobu, think what you have to do next:)

3 Responses to “Countdown is running”

  1. ape Says:

    ウン、ウン! 心配してない、おれは。それより、リ-の事をワクワクしながらおもっとるわ! ガンバレ!

  2. Nobu Says:

    The appartment they offered me, is not near my office. It takes one hour to my office!

    At the moment I am searching for a room mate in Kowloon and Hung Hom.

    Honestly, I would like to have my own flat, but it is too expensive -.-

    Arigatou, ganbatte muru.

  3. Stevcrex Says:

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