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In the past – when I was attending the primary school – another children had already recognized that I am not the same as them, because my eyes are small and my skin a little bit “darker” then the others. Also my German skills was strange. In the lunch time I was used to eat “rice balls” – That’s why they called me “Chinese!”, “Chinese in a Carton!” or “Chinks”. I was hurt and sad and also angry, I always refused “I am not Chinese, I am German and Japanese.” – But who cares?

When I was 18 years old my mother and grandparents gave me the great chance to take part at the exchange school pro gramme with a school in Shenyang (China). I experienced one of my happiest moments in my life. After I come back from this trip, other teenagers were still abusing me as “Chinese!”, “Chinese in a Carton!” or “Chinks”. But I were not angry any more, I had started to answer proudly “I would like to be Chinese!!!”

Same case:

Years ago I had a consultant in job center in Germany. He was quite persuaded of himself and explained me “Japanese as a second language in Europe is useless! The world is talking English!You can never use your Japanese Skills! If you use it, then you can use only for writing and translation Instruction Manual!’ – Of course, I got angry, since writing an IM is not much worth, right?

Nowerday I DO checking Instruction Manuals in my recent company. And it is definitely NOT only an Instruction Manual. There are a lot things to do. Meanwhile I am proud to say “I can use my skills !”


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  1. Chihiro Says:

    Thank you for your comment on my blog :D
    Your comment is very important for me.
    Maybe, I ask you some question!!

    You experienced very nice things. I know your feeling!!
    Actually I don’t have enough English word, so I can’t write a lot of comment.
    But I can say!! You’re great!!

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