Please love me, baby! ~Of Course, my Darling!

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Poor Blue Monkey is soo lonely. He is sitting in the Festival Walk holding a sign “Please love me! Don’t touch me!” He is so cute! Yeah, I will love you!

Garfield is eating the whole day in the ChocoCatCafe in TST. I was wondering why he is so fat, but now I know!More pictures from my darlings: Pink Panda, Rudolph, Froggy, .. to be continued XD

3 Responses to “Please love me, baby! ~Of Course, my Darling!”

  1. Chihiro Says:

    Hi, again:D
    OOOOOh, it’s garafield!!
    I like him very much. And thank you for your visiting my page:D
    I like Origami and I also make beads work.
    Next time, I will write it in my blog:D

    See you

  2. Nobu Says:

    u r welcom:)) Well, then I should come back to ur blog, too :)) looking forward to read about ur works:))

    u hv already had yuki! otherwise you have not so much place in ur bed anymore XD Maybe I can kidnap him 4 u.

  3. Tina Says:

    Garfield ate to much lasagne and chocolate, now i know why he looks like he do. :-) But i mostly like frogs. :-) Have a nice week.

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