Are you specialized in fish soup?

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Few days ago we (Diana and me) went to a restaurant. After I have studied the menu, I have found out that the restaurant offers me a lot of dishes with fish soup. The waiter was coming and ready to take our order. I asked him “Are you specialized in fish soup?” He answered a little bit confused “Yes.” Nobu: “Then I take one!”

Yummy this fish soup was so delicious! I am sure the soup has been cooked for a lo~ng while. Full of vitamins, mixed with ginger! Diana also like the soup.

Later on, I saw a big sign in the restaurant “Delicous kitchen-FISH kitchen” ….

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82 Responses to “Are you specialized in fish soup?”

  1. Tina Says:

    Can´t read your protected posts, hope everything is ok with you. Have a nice weekend.

  2. Chihiro Says:

    Thank you that you wrote a comment in my blog.
    I’m a Tina’s friend:D
    Nice to meet you!

    Are you Japanese??

  3. Nobu Says:

    Thank you :) I had :))

    Ur welcome :)) I am a double of Japanese and German :))

  4. Chihiro Says:

    Hi Nobu.

    Thank you for writing comment to me!
    You are half?? It’s cool.

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