Typhoon Hato, T10 & Pakhar, T8 & Mawar

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1st September 2017

Typhoon Hato from last week was not that peaceful like pigeon as expected. In my point of view, the typhoon became stronger in a very short time. In the morning of 23rd August at 5:20 am, the typhoon signal of T8 has been issued, at 8:10am it became T9 and then one hour later T10! Hato’s speed reached up a speed of 175 km/h!! T10?! That’s the hurricane signal! There is not often such a strong hurricane in Hong Kong. The last time T10 was issued was back in 2012. At that time the typhoon, called Vicente, reached up to a speed of 140 km/h “only”.

Due to safety issues, we have been advised to stay at home and not go to office or school. My friend called me up and asked whether I was fine. Yes, I was fine. But I was scared! Hato brought a lot of rain, and I was worried whether my windows can resist the power of the rain. PLUS I was worried that the flying elements in the air can hit my windows as well.  I saw the trees in front of my window bending in the wind.

The next day, I truly did know the consequences of Hato: Flooding, landscaped trees, flight cancellations, broken windows…

Not only that, Hato moved further to Macau. It hits Macau even worse…

3 days after Hato left Hong Kong, typhoon Pakhar (T8) was raging in Hong Kong.  That day I had hard time to open the door to kitchen due to the high wind pressure!

According to the Hong Kong Observatory, Hong Kong is expecting another typhoon (T8), called Mawar, today. So many typhoons in such a short time!

Everyone, please stay safe and remove or fix all removable things from balcony/roof tops in sake of safety!

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