Typhoon Hato, T3

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24th August 2017

By the time I was getting off work in the evening of 22nd August 2017, the strong wind signal had been increased to no. 3. At that time,  Hato became significantly stronger and reached the speed of 120 km/h measured by the Hong Kong Observatory. 120 km/h! In Germany I am driving the car in this speed on the highway!

On my way home, I spotted several windows of office buildings and shopping malls had been already taped with masking tape to prepare for the stronger typhoon. This is to release partially the pressure of the wind and/or in case the window glass is broken, to keep the shattered glass together.

Since I have not had my dinner yet, I went to a shopping mall to buy some Japanese fermented beans  Natto (納豆).  The shopping mall was full of people, running between the racks and  buying lots of instant noodles or food. Some racks had been already emptied when I arrived at the shopping mall?! Is our situation really that bad?!  I have totally forgotten! Usually during typhoon, the “apocalypse buyers” get suddenly awaken to store food at home. If the typhoon signal is higher than 8, the shops and restaurants would be closed. Hence, there was a huge queue at the cashier. Seldom there is such a long queue!

After my shopping, I rushed home, as I saw a lot (!!!) of cockroaches on the street. That is usually a sign, that a big rain is coming very soon! Amber rain signal had been issued, but luckily had not effected my  going-home-area yet.

I was not sure how strong Hato would become, therefore I moved my plants, detergent bottles from the balcony to the living room, laid the hanging clothes rack flat to the floor, closed all the windows and locked the balcony door. Just in case.

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