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22nd August 2017

Typhoon Hato (90km/h) is currently approaching Hong Kong. Since this morning typhoon signal No. 1 is in force.  And probably tonight it will be increased to typhoon signal No. 3.

According to the Hong Kong Observatory’s forecast, Hato will be closest tomorrow morning.

Typhoon-happenings during weekdays is something very exciting as colleagues would speculate whether the typhoon signal will be increased to No. 8. Why? Because during no. 8, due to safety, we will be released from work and should stay in safe area e.g. like our home.

Beside having an extra time off, I am a bit worried about the what typhoon Hato may cause. Let’s pray for the best!

Until then, everyone keep focusing on work! Add oil la!

Oh, one more thing! Hato means in the Japanese language “Pigeon”. I am not very sure why this tropical storm is called Hato, but tt seems the name is not related to Japan, as Hato first appeared in Taiwan only. However, I feel very excited about the name Hato! In Germany, pigeons are symbols for peace. I hope, Hato will be peaceful!


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