Graduated from Basic Cantonese Class

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18th August 2017

How time flies! I cannot imagine that I have been now learning Cantonese for 4 months! Amazing!

Recently I have graduated from the basic class (50 hours).
\\( ⌒▽⌒ )// Yippie yippie yeh!

It was an awesome class! I did not only learn the Cantonese language, but also more about HKG itself, its festivals, got to know new friends. And I re-discovered my love for learning languages.

Because of our heung hong jeui leng jai ge lou c (most handsome teacher in HKG), called William,  and his teaching style,  I was  able to pick up the Cantonese language easy and quick. He was indeed demanding and encouraging at the same time.  Moreover, after class, I was able to apply the new Cantonese knowledge into my present life with my landlord, the vegetable hawker, my colleagues and friends. It makes life so much easier! AND there is no greater joy than speaking newly learned Cantonese sentences in daily life!

Therefore, I am going to keep learning in the intermediate class. In future, there will be further posts about Cantonese to share my experience and thoughts with you. (∩_∩) As you may have recognized already, I have added a new category:  “Learning Cantonese“.  楽しみに しててね! Join my journey of learning, practising, speaking Cantonese!


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  1. teru-chan Says:

    顔晴りましたね。 おめでとう!

  2. teru-chan Says:


  3. teru-chan Says:

    顔晴りましたね。 おめでとう!楽しみにしています

  4. Nobu Says:

    Mama, commento arigatou! Ureshii!!! Mata commento no shikata ga wakattanone! During your next visit here, my communication would be much better! Looking forward to it!

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