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At the moment I am watching a TW-drama called “It started with a kiss” (for spoiler click here), which has mandarin-audio and very bad English Subtitles.
The subtitles seem not be very professional, contain a lot of typing error and wrong vocabularies e.g. “cann” means “can not”, “smalle” means “smile”.
If I rely on the subtitles only I would not understand anything. So I am lucky to have mandarin-audio. I can understand what the actors are talking about! Of course not everything, but I can understand more than half – if they are not quarrelling (because if there are quarrelling, they talk too fast -.-) I am so happy!
On the other hand I am unhappy that the DVDs have bad quality even I bought them in an official shop.
One DVD does not function. I could not see 3 chapters! Argh! I miss the kiss, mentioned in the title, the beginning of this drama!

I can also almost listening to a Chinese phone call \(^___^)/, but I can not answer (-__-)

Fighto, Nobu, you also have to practice speaking and communicating!
Fighto, Fighto, O( ・`ω´・)乂(・∀・` )O FIGHTO!!!負けるな!!! Fighto, Nobu

ヨーシ (@^▽^)/ ガンバルゾォ (*゜▽゜*)ノ

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  1. Echizen Says:

    FIGHTO!!! ^_-

  2. mama Says:

    ganbare, Lisa-chan,

  3. Nobu Says:

    Thank you :)

    Oen Arigatou! ;)

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