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Do you also sometimes suddenly carving for something?

Well, I was desperately seeking for the German style “grilled spring chicken”, crispy skin, soft and juicy meat with lots of herbs and soaked taste until to the bones. Just by thinking of it, I am getting hungry! Most of the chicken I ate here are either bloody (Hainan Chicken), deep fried (KFC) or simply the taste remains in the chicken skin only while the chicken meat is dry and tasteless. Where shall I get my chicken now? No, idea.

I was hungry, desperate and lost, when I saw the sign “Goobne Chicken – Korean style oven baked chicken”  hanging outside of a tall building in Mong Kok. Never heard about it.  Why not, try? I wanna eat chicken anyway.

Incredible yummy chickenI entered into a  big restaurant with lots of space,  wide windows and sunny places (which is rare in HKG!). After an authentic, helpful “consultation” with an enthusiastic Korean waitress with a great smile I ordered the “Original Korean oven baked chicken”. It has been served in a basket on a wooden chopping board with some sauce and pickles (photo in the right down corner). It was a huge portion (one whole chicken by my own!). CAUTION HOT! I took a chicken leg and bite in…. oh my gosh,  it was incredible yummy! Crispy skin, with juicy meat and great taste until the last bite! I did not even touch the sauce! I really enjoyed it so much! It was indeed love at the first bite!!!

Afterwards I went there with my friends few times. I ate other chickens and my favourite one is 1) “Original Korean oven baked chicken” and 2) “Honey Curry chicken”. The last one is not traditional Korean style chicken, but honey taste is booming in Korea, so they  invented a new style taste to keep up with the boom. I like the twist of sweet and a bit spice taste!

“Goobne Chicken” has a restaurant in TST and Mong Kok. I went to both. I personally like the one in Mong Kok, because the service is nicer and it seems not so many people dining there. I highly recommend not to go there during peak hours  as the  time is limited to 90 minutes only. If you are in the big group, it might be a bit too rush. During peak hours they will not accept any reservation. I went there at 3pm (late lunch) and 6pm (early dinner).

So, if you are curious now and want to try the hottest chicken in town (in my point of view) , try “Goobne Chicken” :

5/F, King Wah Centre, 628 Nathan Road, Mong Kok

Tel.: 2116 0002

Currently, on Openrice there is a promotion: up to 20% in Lunch hour and midnight hours.


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