Our first performance

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26th July 2015

1st of July was not only a super hot day, but also the Establishment Day of Hong Kong. In this frame my master has been invited to participate at Wanchai District’s activity. My classmate and me had our first performance ofAva, Master Joe and myself “Phoenix In Graceful Clouds of Blessing“. Because I have been so nervous, I have been rehearsing for almost two hours. The stage was on a sports ground and the sun was shining on the stage and guests’ sitting areas. As it was too hot, there have been not so many guests. I would wish more guests could come, see us and join us for classes! Next year might be better! Can you recognise the phoenix on our uniform?

Group picture


2 Responses to “Our first performance”

  1. Sing Says:

    Lisa ,u look so powerful !

  2. Nobu Says:

    Sing, thank u for ur entry! Luv u!!! I am powerful, not only look (>__o)b

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