SPECIAL GUEST: Froggy-News Jan07

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Hello everybody! Let me introduce 2 u shortly. I am Froggy accompanying Nobu for several years. Since I like her very much, I ask my friends (Welcome to HK!) to help me for my mission.

In order not be alone, and Nobu introduced me to some frogs. Greez 2 Kerori & Keroro and also (^_^)// *Big Wave*

5 Responses to “SPECIAL GUEST: Froggy-News Jan07”

  1. Nobu Says:

    Thank u! Do u need more friendz? XD

  2. Echizen Says:

    OMG, to many frogs…

  3. Froggy Says:

    U r welcome :)

    Hey do not say anything against me!
    Btw, green is the color of hope. So this entry is full of hope!

  4. mama Says:

    kawaii shashin desune.
    doitudemo atarashii kaeru-chan ga
    liza-chan wo matutemasuyo!!!

  5. Tina Says:

    I love frogs…

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