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18th June 2015

Recently I am into selfies (= taking self portraits by using your own phone’s camera). I have the feeling the selfie-culture is  booming especially in China. Beside of mobile phone with great cameras, there are a lot of selfie touch up apps. Most common one among my friends is “Meitu Pic“, which offers retouch, a lot of editing options as well as different filters.

A selfie is not just a selfie, if there werent “rules”. The key point of a selfie is looking extremely good! My friends from the Mainland let the cat out of (her) bag:
1) hold the phone higher than the head. It makes me slimmer
2) look from position 1) with only your eyes up. My eyes looks bigger
3) Hv a duck smile. It would make me sexy.

Magic selfiesI followed these rules for the selfies in the lower row, each left and right, the other pictures are “Nobu’s free style”.Afterwards I retouched them slightly and used “pic collage” to create this collage.

Do you have any  further secrets of taking nice selfies? *grin*

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