Review: My 2014

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This entry is almost a shame, because  this is my first and last entry of 2014!

One of my targets was writing regularly and post it to my blog. Well, this is not an excuse, but I WAS writing, just I did not post it to my blog… However, did you achieve all your targets of 2014?

As I am reviewing my 2014 currently, let me share with you some highlights:

JANUARY: I went back home to Germany and spent lovely time with my family and friends. This time I met my “old” friend Robert, who I met in HKG long time ago, in Belgium.

FEBRUARY: Although it was very cold, we continued praticising Taichi outside in the park. Well done!!

MARCH: My japanese friend Mit-chan, who I also met in HKG, got married! So happy for her!

APRIL: First time in my whole life I missed a flight! How? I have unexpectedly stuck  I stuck at the Chinese boarder!!! I have never ever seen such a crowded boarder during easter in China. Chinese people do not celebrate Easter at all!!

MAY: I have been invited to a casting of a very famous dating show in China after sucessful application, which includes an self introduction-essay. I have not invited to the show itself, but the whole procedure was very interesting and exciting. And all in Chinese! I am so proud of myself.

JUNE was a travelling month: I spent a wonderful amazing loooong weekend in Thailand. So relaxing and yummy food!!! One day later I flew to Shenyang to meet my dad there in order to go to Dandong together to attend my counsin’s wedding. Never ever thought to meet my dad in China one day! So happy!! Btw. Shenyang is a city full of memories. It is the first Chinese city I went in my 90’s. If I had not gone there, I would probably not be interested in Chineses culture that much and not be working in China and Hong Kong.

JULY was crazy, because I flew to Stockholm just for a weekend. Why? Well, a very good friend of mine – I met in HKG – got married there. And my mom came over!!! This year, I was able to see my parents more than one time!!!

AUGUST: Guess what happened..  I met my father again. And my brother. They were heading to Tibet and stayed in Beijing for few nights as a stop over. How can I not flew to Beijing to see them!!!

SEPTEMBER was my birthday month. I celebrated for a week with my friends!

In OCTOBER something horrible happened: The ceiling of the bathroom fell down. OMG!!!! Luckily nobody was hurted.

NOVEMBER was a busy month.

DECEMBER: First (and last entry for 2014)… and thank YOU beeing a loyal follower of my blog!

How was your 2014?


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