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2013 / 06 / 11

… I drink HOT water for any thirsty occasion.
… I eat INSTANT oatmeal with RED DATES and hot water for breakfast in order to NOURISH my BLOOD.
… I do OT, although I am NOT getting paid for it.
… I wear RUBBER HIGH HEELS during rainy days.
… I crazily play mahjong in a DOWN TOWN mahjong CLUB, although we are playing just for fun, not for money.
… I eat a warm pineapple bun with a huge THICK melting slice of BUTTER with a cup of  wanna-be-Mexican coffee or the waffle with thick layers of condense milk, butter, peanut butter, sugar and nuts for teatime. Or order a SIMPLE toast spread with blueberry jam.
… I sit in the NT-minibus, watching education TV on a bus and/not caring about the ringing alarm because the driver is driving more than the allowed 80km/h.
… I wear a green or pink MASK when I suffer from cough during office hours.
… I need to get a ticket first in order to get a table, because cannot do the reservation in advance. My longest time I have ever waited for was Ippudo in TST for almost 2 hours, 180 tables.
… I speak Chinglish.

What about you, when do you feel you are HKGnese? Please share me your thoughts!

NOTE: The order of the list is NOT based on priority.

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