Gift of the sun

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2011 / 12 / 14

This time (on last Sunday) I was watching the sunset from a crowded place, a bridge above a highway full of cars and busses. People were passing by quickly, some of them probably rushing home for dinner after work, or some of them rushing home as the temperature dropped down to 12 degrees, which was quite cold compared to the usual weather condition of HKG. The pedestrian bridge was vibrating whenever a bus or truck passed by. It was indeed not a place of “peace”. Nevertheless I chose this place to watch the moment of the sun saying good night to the whole world.
I was standing in the middle of the crowd, leaning at the grey cold rail. Actually the color had already started to peel off.  Today’s sunset should be at 5:39pm. Before I came I checked schedule on the internet. Nobody cared about me. I watched at my clock on my mobile phone. I looked up. In front of me was nothing special except the highway and a construction area far away from me. In few minutes the sun would go down. I waited with a huge smile. I felt excited and happy at the same time.
At the beginning the sun light was dazzling me. Then bit by bit the color of the sky started to change from blue to yellow, orange and red. It was just few minutes, but I felt like watching the sunset for a longer time. I love this moment of the sun. It is so easing! Today it was special just because I used to enjoy the sunset from a nicer venue like sea or special designed viewpoint. But today I was standing on a simple bridge.
Finally the sun was hidden behind the construction area, and the city has been left in darkness. I was going to leave the area.. and I was surprised. Just next to me, there were an old local couple taking photos of the sunset and them. They hold their hands and smiled at me. And then I realized that there were more persons around me they stopped to watch the sunset. On my left hand side there was a student boy, taking photos of the sunset as well. He smiled at me and left the bridge. I smiled back to all of them. I had the feeling the sunset not only left darkness, but also a bit of happiness, because we have been all connected with the sun for few minutes.
Thank you and good night, dear sun!
But, hello Nobu!
My day had just started. I was heading to my next destination: a Christmas market.

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2 Responses to “Gift of the sun”

  1. drew Says:

    Your writing always touches me heart, Lisa. I love to watch the sunset too, and I am glad you could feel the connection with the others there.

    You are enjoying the most important things in life. More important than making money :)

    See you soon!

  2. Nobu Says:

    I am always happy to read your comments as they also motivates me a lot! Also good to know that on the world there is friend understand and treasure the small things/matters in life with a great effect as I do!
    See you very soon, mata ne

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