(Like) Holiday in W Hotel

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(Like) Holiday in W Hotel

In August I had a great experience in W hotel Hong Kong, which I would like to share with you!

Entry from 2011 / 08 / 16

Since I have heard about the awesome pool at the rooftop of the W hotel with an amazing view of Hong Kong, I always wanted to go there, enjoy the view and swim. The weather on last Sunday was perfect: Hot and sunny. And my friend also has time, she would join me! Yippee~! It’s time for a relaxing Wet Escape! Let’s go! Let’s escape!
The Wet escape is a summer promotion of the W hotel. Every second Sunday they are offering the Wet Escape from 3pm to 8pm. Entrance fee of 280HKD includes one cocktail drink and music by DJ.

While I was in the elevator driving me to the 76th floor, I was pretty excited. It would be the first time for me to see Hong Kong’s skyline from the 76th floor. On their homepage they are praising that it is even one of the world’s highest rooftop swimming pools. It must be great!

Once the elevator door opened I could smell the swimming pool, feel the music and enjoy a part of the Hong Kong Skyline. I went so much in trance that I could not hear that the waitress is asking me for the entrance fee. I just pass her and have been reminded to pay the money…

My friend already arrived and reserved one bench for each of us. We ordered a Martini from the choice of beer, coke and martini. As we paid 280HKD we should not order an ordinary drink. Sipping the cold refreshing lychee martini while we were lying on the bench under the sun and 76 floors above Hong Kong, we enjoyed the atmosphere, fresh wind, bright sun, the view and relaxing time. It is like holiday! Beside of the HKG view, I have especially enjoyed the blue sky. I looked up and could almost see only the sky, which I seldom see in HKG as there are too many skyscrapers. Looking at the blue sky, I always feel relieved. Like a bird.

In the late afternoon, some hotel guests (a family!) entered the pool. Overall, it was an interesting scene: Between drinking and eating guests of the private pool party, African drummer, dancing hot girls, guests lying on the bench in order to get taint, kissing couples, holding champagne in the pool, there was a Chinese family with a baby with pampers and children with goggles and body-swimming suits diving and swimming (!) in the pool.

Most of the guests are foreigners and different from the public swimming pool, all of them had a great manner and nobody was splitting.

You want to enjoy W Hong Kong’s pool parties? Then do not miss it. Next pool party is on 18th of September & 2nd of October. For further details, please check out their website!

2 Responses to “(Like) Holiday in W Hotel”

  1. drew Says:

    I love your recent postings Lisa :)

    I’m so happy to read your great writing, and your words are inspiring for all humans. Thank you for sharing.

    Also, I am glad you could have the experience on the rooftop. That one moment can make all the difficult moments worth living through, ne?

    You’re amazing, and never let anyone tell you you are not :)


  2. Nobu Says:

    Thank you for passing by my blog. So happy to receive so many warm messages by you recently! Your honest words motivate me for keen on!
    How is your trip? I cannot wait listening to your stories as well!
    You are right, it is such an amazing moment and great feeling. I wish I can show you one day as well!

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