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2011 / 09 / 09

A western style ABC-doctor asked me to come to her clinic in order to DISCUSS the result of the medical report in person. She started with “Life is about an exam, either you pass or fail. And Ms. Nobu I regret to inform you failed. You fail in your main task.” I did not comment, but I asked her: “As a doctor, is not your task to tell me the medical diagnosis instead of giving me a life advice?” She continued “I am afraid somebody who failed in the main task will never be accepted in the society. Here is the evidence.” And she handed over the medical report to me without any words. Consultation fee: 600HKD.

No matter how often I change the doctors and how careful I am choosing them, it seems doctors are tending to say something like this. To be honest, I had been always hurt by their words, but actually my private life is none of their business. I always got hurt and cried a lot, but on the other side I was getting tired of being sad. I do not want that anymore.

So, how can I change this situation?

I changed doctors several times, but the circumstances remained unchanged. Recently I have realized and learnt something: I must change myself. First: I need to accept. Actually, this is the most difficult part. If I can accept the behavior of the doc, no need to be sad and that angry every time. Second: Sorting out the information by myself. The medical report definitely shows the result and diagnosis. This information and words are solid and true I can believe in. No need to take care about life advice by the doctor.

As I now have realized this fact, I am pretty sure next time, I will be stronger. Add oil, Nobu!

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