Choice between heaven or hell

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2011 / 09 / 04

There was a story about the monk and a samurai. I cannot remember the details about the story, but basically it was about that everyone has the choice of hell or heaven in his/her life. The conclusion of this short story is, that human being is tending to choose the heaven rather than the hell, because nobody wants to have a complicated life.

Is it true?

How or who can guarantuee that heaven will be heaven forever? I strongly believe, even if I choose  hell, the hell can turn into the heaven.  Life is not easy, we need to fight, sad, cry and be unhappy, that’s we are able to go forward, to dream and be happy. That’s why we have heaven and hell. Both will come together in the package. It is set.

Ok, let’s take an example on me. When the doctor first time told me that I am suffering from a chromosome defect and also a rare sickness, I was very sad, I cried a lot and a world breaks down. For me it was the end of the world. I wanted to give up, I thought there will be not any happiness in my life an more. My dream has been broken in just few seconds. I was even thinking about to commit suicide. Well, that must be heaven. This is the easy way, no pain long time wise. And easy to solve the problem by eliminating myself first.
But once the doctor told me that I can only live for further 2 years only, I have decided to accept my sickness, to become my dreame come true, to look forward although it means I am going to suffer a lot of pains. I choose the hell.Why? I choose the hell for seeking happiness.

It sounds strange?

By walking through the hell, i have learnt a lof, I gained a lot of strength, which has been lead to so many happiness already. And I am pretty sure more happiness are on the way.

So, the human beeing only have the choice between heaven or hell? No, s/he also have the choice of heaven AND hell at the same time.

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