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9th August 2015

For me some words in Chinese sounds same, although the meaning is totally different. And for sure I don’t know it, until I something (usually) unpleasent happened or somebody tell.

I use to live on Suspicious streetCooke Street (some people write it wrong as “Coke street” or even “Cock Street”). I have  heard a lot of ppl saying “Pokk gai” and I believed I was living on “Pokk gai”.

One day I took a cab and said to the cab driver “Pokk gai!”. It seems he did not understand, so I repeat it a bit louder “POKK GAI!!!” and … the cab driver got angry “!??hoswifhsdklofsnjdlfkhso!” What the hell happened? Ok, he won’t take me to “Pokk gai” and I stopped another cab. I asked a bit more friendly this time “Pokk gai…. ?” And same the cab driver refused to take me.

Desperately I was, I asked my friend for help. And then I found out that “Pokk gai” have this meaning: CLICK HERE 

And actually I was living in “Cokk gai”……



Moving Tales

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Previously I mentioned I have moved in Hong Kong a lot.  I have been asked why?

So, this is the story about my moving in HKG :)

First flat: I was living with a Chinese family, but we did not come along very well. So I moved out.

2nd flat: Well it was not really a flat… i stayed on the street for 3 nights.

3rd flat: I was living on the top floor and during the typhoon season, basically it rains into my flat. I complained to the landlord and he repaired three times, but we no improvement. At the end of the third repair, he asked me to take brush and remove the water on the roof by my own, so the water has no chance to get into my flat. Seriously? Yes, he was serious. And I did few times. Honestly speaking, the mass of raining is so much, that one person and one brush is just not enough. I decided to move.

4th  flat was just a around the corner of the first flat. It was the probably the tiniest and cheapest flat I had ever lived in Hong Kong. Most of our neighbours are low income people, who are collecting rubbish, paper, old clothes or anything else what can be exchanged with money or still can be used by their own. Even used tissue paper has been dried up and used again…. it did not take long time until every night cockroaches conquered our home. I could not stand it any more and move out.

5th flat was just around the corner of the 2nd flat. It was a cozy studio. After 6 months I got a letter from the Hong Kong’s Building Authority that my flat/building is under high risk of collapsing. Another 3 months later, bricks from the kitchen’s ceiling fell down and I was just lucky enough that I was not at home. I took this as a sign and moved out.

6th flat was between my 2nd and 3rd flat. It was a decent place. And I love that flat…. until the typhoon season came. In total I got 15 holes in the ceiling, where water drops down crazily, some areas water was running betokening wall paper and wall. It was during summer and the humidity in my home increased to nearly 100%. I had some worker in my home to check the damage and cause, but they never found the holes, hence they have never repaired. So I moved out.

7th flat was a in very lonely area. During night it was not safe walking alone as a girl. Something happened and I decided to leave that area.

8th  flat was in Lantau Island. My friend offered me to stay with her temporarily until her flatmate came back.

9th flat: Finally I found a flat I stayed for 2 years! The ceiling fell down and damaged the bathroom.  You know after all these experience, I was not scared, not panic and pretty calmed down. Shit happens. I accepted it and keep living there… until my tenant asked me to leave :(

10th flat: I was luckily. I found a flat. It is the same building. I moved from 13th to 30th floor. So far, I live happily. My flat is suffering from some the water flooding problem during rainy typhoon days…. I came to the conclusion there is not any perfect flat. Touch wood, this is my last moving tale!

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