Our first performance

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26th July 2015

1st of July was not only a super hot day, but also the Establishment Day of Hong Kong. In this frame my master has been invited to participate at Wanchai District’s activity. My classmate and me had our first performance ofAva, Master Joe and myself “Phoenix In Graceful Clouds of Blessing“. Because I have been so nervous, I have been rehearsing for almost two hours. The stage was on a sports ground and the sun was shining on the stage and guests’ sitting areas. As it was too hot, there have been not so many guests. I would wish more guests could come, see us and join us for classes! Next year might be better! Can you recognise the phoenix on our uniform?

Group picture


Favorite public place in HKG (1)

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26th July 2015

Getaway from Canton RoadRooftop area of China Hong Kong City is one of my favorite places for…

… enjoying the  views on West Kowloon,
… watching colourful sunsets,
… eating my lunchbox,
… escaping from the crowd,
… sunbathing during lunch hours,
… breathing the “fresh” (?) from the sea better than the air from the air conditioner,
… relaxing under palm trees and having the feeling being on holiday.

How Tim(e) flies

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26th of July 2015

Last month Tim called me to let me that he will be in Hong Kong the following day and asked me whether I have time to meet him during his coming 24 hours stopover in Hong Kong. Wow, we have not met for ages! Long time no see and talk! How have you been, Tim?

Who is Tim?

In 2008 I was travelling with a friend in Guangzhou, we stayed in a great Hostel. There was a huge board with a lot of colorful notes from all travelers around the world: greetings, photos, postcards, sharing stories and myTim in HKG note was there as well: I offered be a guide (for free!) in Hong Kong for the next trip. I believe HKG is much more interesting to explore and the stay became even  more pleasant, if the future-traveler knows somebody in Hong Kong already. Tim was one of those travelers, who called me and asked me to show him and his friend Kevin around.  Tim and Kevin are living in Shanghai. Starting from Day01, we are speaking Chinese only. At the beginning it was not easy, because I have just started learning Chinese. Meanwhile my Chinese is fluent and we are able to share more in short time ( ^ ___ ^ ) .

We often think back time. If I had not leave the note (it was a post it only!), we would not be able to  meet. It is amazing, how small things in life will affect even long-term friendships. It is almost 7 years! How time flies… not only that… 24hrs stop over passed very fast and Tim quickly flied back to Shanghai!

See you soon, Tim!


On FIRE: Energy bars

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13th of July 2015

Secret of PowerRecently I am into energy bars. I am currently on diet and doing workouts every week, my aim is too loose weight 10kg in total for this year!!!

Energy bars are a great snack between two meals. It makes me full and somehow powerful. I am having 5 meals. One meal is replaced by a piece of energy bar.

On the market there are a lot of energy bars, but most of them are too sweet for me.

Then my friend persuaded me to try energy bars from my trainer, who I am hiring for professional and sucessfull workout, also has his own food business. At the beginning, I could not get use to the texture,  as I was comparing with the other energy bars, I have eaten before. Time passes and I aten few of those he made. I love them now! I love those with nuts and cinnamon (!), which is rare to find in HKG!! For a lot of people here “cinnamon” tastes like Chinese medicine.


Message on my sandwich ?!

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13th July 2015

One day I was ordering a tuna sandwich at subway and the lady behind the counter kept smiling at me. “Do you remember me ?” She asked me. I have surprised,  because I was excepting that she would ask “Which bread?” I was hesitating, but nodding my head. She was very excited “Yes, and you have been just come back from sports!” She was grinning brightly at me, I could not stop grinning as well and totally forgot to order. The lady behind the counter managed very well and after a short while, my tuna sandwich was ready. I paid, smiled, said “see you soon.” and left.

Suddenly I remembered our first meeting clearly. That was on a Saturday, after my training, I ordered a Tuna Sandwich and I explained to her, that Tuna is very good after sports to recover the muscles!Message on the sandwich

When I was unpacking my sandwich I saw something unusual, there was a handwritten message (see right picture) and that sandwich had a lot of tuna inside!! She remembered it. I was very touched by her message and rushed back to Subway, but she left already…

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