Self-Service Cutlery

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21st June 2015

Hidden cutleryIn Germany in the restaurant cutlery is usually served together with the dish or has been setted up on the table already once I enter the restaurant.

I found out in Hong Kong, most of the time cutlery is not prepared on the table upon arrival: Cutlery/Chop sticks are stored in a box on a table or hidden in the drawer under the table . Guests can take them upon their need.

I like this idea as only those chopsticks/cutlery will be taken which are in need, others will be not used. It is not necessary to wash them. Water can be saved ;)

Go for it! Martial Art Competition

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19th June 2015

Taichi PoseIn Summer 2014 I have started to practice “Natural Energy”, it is combined Martial Art from Wudang and Longmen Style by Master Joe Lok.

At that time, he asked me to join the Martial Art competition.  I have rejected, because I was afraid too loose and worried about that I might be not good enough.

This year I will join the competition in autumn! What made my mind change?  I joined a life training and realised life is not always about win or loose. It is about the moment to enjoy and feel the momentum. Unlike last year, I feel extremely excited! Go go go, Nobu!

Master Joe was very happy after I shared my plan.  4 months to go! Enough time to practise!  Add oil, Nobu!!! Have fun!! And enjoy it!!!



Souvenir from HKG (3): Pork Floss

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19th June 2015

Crunchy pork flossPork floss is very popular in Hong Kong. It is used like “Furikake” in Japan. It can be found on rice , in HKG-style sushi, buns, on salad and more. It is like Hong Kong’s salt and pepper ( that’s my personal impression*smile*) and I have never seen it anywhere before except in Hong Kong.

Pork floss itself is very dry, therefore it goes well with preserved juicy vegetables! My favourite one is the “Zhacai”!

It is very special and this year I bought this pack back to Germany for my brother! You may buy this as a souvenir to your friends as well :)

BTW, it can be bought in ParkNShop, as well as Wellcome stores.

Whale watching

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19th June 2015

Beginning of this year I travelled with a friend to Okinawa. I have heard that January would be the best time for whale watching over there, as the whale families would come from all the way from Alaska to deliver babies. Compared to Alaska’s sea, the sea in Okinawa is safe, as  there are not any attacking enemies. I was surprised to know that there is not enough food in Okinawa’s sea as it is not deep enough. So, how does the new family survive? Whales are eating a lot of plankton in Alaska and store the food in their body, before they come to Okinawa.

Look a wale!!We joined a tour provided by SeaSir (tour guide speaks English!!)  for whale watching. We have been chasing whales by a boat and the guide encouraged us to cheer the whale coming out. I saw some and …. amazing. Since I saw Pinoccio I always wanted to see a real whale and now I was able to see one!! Incredible!!! I literally wanted to jump into the water and say hi to them. I have been stopped by the guide *laugh*

I am also touched that Okinawa people make a business about whale watching. In other areas in Japan, whales have been kept hunting though it is illegal, because the whale meat is very popular.

Watching whales in real (not only in TV) was an incredible and awesome experience. See you soon, dear whale!! I will come next time in March, when you are dating! I have heard that you will jump out of the water more!!! Until then, take good care and see you soon!!! (    ^ 3  xxxxxxxxx


If you are the one…

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19th June 2015

“If you are the one” is an American Blind Dating Show, which has been adapted by the Chinese. The Chinese TV show called “非诚勿扰”. When I was learning for the HSK test, I used to listen to this show every day in order to increase my listening skills. Compared to drama soaps, this is easier to listen, because those shows have same pattern. Usually every lady would introduce them shortly, then a man would describe his daily life, his interest and ideal girlfriend. And at the same time, I could also learn some practical Chinese! Well, this blind date show really saved my exams, because my listening skills really have improved!

Ever since, I had the crazy idea, that I wanna be those girls on the stage one day. I was even think about to go to Mainland China to take part at the casting… and then something amazing happened. There were survey that Mainland Chinese man are more interested in Hong Kong ladies, then “非诚勿扰” organised a Casting show in HKG!?

Happy Casting, I got some support from the staffI did not hesitate long! I immediately checked out the application requirements 1) write an essay about myself 2) about my dream boy 3) about my ideal life 4) why I am still single 4) my interest 5) send some photos of mine. I was very excited, and writing this essay did not take that long. Afterwards I showed it my Chinese teacher and shared about my plan. She was surprised that THAT Chinese essay was so good compared to those essays I was writing in the lessons. I guess it is related to the topic *grin*

Few days later I have been invited to interview with Ms. Huang (!), she is THE jury from the show and she has interviewed me!! I was very excited and actually I totally forgot that I am a German among all Chinese female competitors. Recently the shows have foreign ladies, so I was dreaming I could be one of them.

Result: well, after the interview Ms. Huang took a little video about myself and… that was the last thing, I have ever seen or heard from her.

However, it was a great crazy experience! And most important, I have realized that my Chinese improved a lot and it is even much better than I thought. I can do it, if I believe in myself!!!

Free Massage

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19th June 2015

Footh Massage PathNo pain, no gain







Have you ever seen some area in the park in Hong Kong covered by little tiny stones like this? Have you ever thought what these are for? Some local people would take off their shoes and walk at this area without changing their face expressions. It looks so easy isn’t it?

I tried with my girl friends. We faced some difficulties and were in pain. Those little (for us) sharp stones have been pressed into our feet (we took off our shoes as well!), and every time we stepped out and put our full body weight on one feet, we could even feel more how those stones are pressing some “points” in our feet.  We walked slowly in the strong belief that would be good for our health. Because this path is a foot massage path, it is like free acupuncture! We have been told, that if we have a lot of pain, then our general health might be not good. Our walking speed was so slow that the old man overtaken us! We have been told also should we practise it more often, it would not be that painful! Add oil, gals!!


Touched by a handmade congee

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19th June 2015

Handmade Congee

One day I was sick: I was suffering from abdominal pain and kept vomiting. I was really not in mood to cook anything, I even did not want to eat anything. My flatmate discovered that and cooked a congee for me.

Congee is a typical food for sick people, easy to digest and pretty plain in taste. He add some green vegetable and salt inside, so I can recover faster. I was really touched by his handmade congee.

Frankly speaking I cannot cook a congee. But he can. He simply washed the rice, place it to the pot with covered water, boil it. He said the most important thing is timing, the first 1-2 hours rice needs to be stirred, afterwards he add more water and let it cook! I will try next time!

If you want to cook a congee at home next time, you may try this detailed recipe. 

Tai Hang Dragon Dance

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19th June 2015

Though I have been here in Hong Kong for such a long, there is still a lof things I have not yet discovered or experienced, e.g. last autumn I have attend the awesome Tai Hang Dragon Dance for the first in 8 years!

Around 100 years ago, few days before Mid Autumn Festival a typhoon devasted the fishing and farming village in Tai Hang. Afterwards they had been suffered from a plague and a snake ate all oft their livestock. In other to stop the unfortune, village people performed a dragon dance for three consecutive days and nights. The dragon is built from straw and a lot of burning incence stick had been stucked on him. It had been accompanied with fire crackers and drummers to push away the unfortune – and it disappeared.

Nowerdays Tai Hang is not a village any more, but Tai Hang people are still performing the dragon dance in the small streets in Tai Hang  as a part of their culture. Tradionally only Tai Hang people can perform the dragon dance.

Head of DragonThe dragon dance was amazing! The dragon itself is very long and hold by serveral people by sticks on some points of the dragon body. People are moving the sticks, so it looks like that the dragon is moving like a like a real dragon between the old building and small streets.
Light up Due to the tons of inscence stick, the air was not good. Once they have been burned, Tai Hang people lighted new inscence sticks, removed the old ones and covered the back of the dragon with news ones. It is said that those who go a burning inscence stick, they would receive fortune. Therefore when Tai Hang people were distributing the burning inscence sticks, visitors – including us – are “fighting” to get a piece of fortune.

Yeah, we got some fortune!!!Tai Hang Dragon Dance 2015
26-28 September
19:30 ~ night
Tai Hang, Causeway Bay (follow light and drum sound)
Futher info:

Dates in following years
2016: 14-16 September
2017: 3-6 October, ard. 20:15 ~ 22:30

Souvenir from HKG (2): Chinese Tea bags

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19th June 2015

Light Sweet Kee Wah Bakery’s Pastries, as introduced in my previous entry, go well with a sip of slightly bitter Chinese Tea.
Usually in the Chinese Culture tea will be freshly brewed by tea leafes. I found out most of my friends in Germany, do not brew tea by fresh leafes. They prefer tea bags. They are indeed more convinient. Hence, Chinese Tea in tea bags are a great souvenir from Hong Kong as well.

Luk Yu Chinese Tea bagsThere are a lot of brands, but I like Luk Yu Chinese tea bags most! And the good thing is, it is also made in HKG. This brand offers different favors like Jasmin tea, Iron Buddah Tea, Green Tea, Pu Er Tea. Try some by any chance!

In Love with Hotpot

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19th June 2015
Recently there are some restaurants offering Hotpot for one or two persons, but traditionally HOTPOT is a group dining event. It is very common to eat Hotpot during the cold season, in oder to heat up the body. But I love Hotpot so much that I am eating Hotpot allyear round! *grin”

For Hotpot a soup base and a lof of different ingredients like fresh vegetable, meatballs will be ordered. The pot filled with boiled soup will usually arrive the table first and be placed in the middle of the table on a stove or induction cooker. After a short while everyone can add the ingredients into the soup. Cooked food can be dipped into a housemade special sauce oor can be mixed by my own.

My favorite restaurant for Hotpot is the the “Old Man Hotpot” in Hung Hom. There a bit pricey, but I think they have a very good fish base soup, rich in taste! Ohhhh yummy! Everytime when friends from overseas are coming to HKG, I always bring them to here e.g. Andrew.

Deepfried fish skin can be also eaten as a snack without dipping into the soup.I love to dip deepfried fishskin for few seconds into the soup and eat the slightly soft fishskin soaked with the yummy soup! Mhhmmmm. Oh, I am getting hungry!!



Where is your favorite Hotpot restaurant? And which ingredient is your favorite one?

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