Flat H(a)unting

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13th May 2015

In the last 7 years, I have moved in HKG more than 8 times. And I thought that I have already gained a lot of experience in flat hunting. But on Monday I had a total new experience, which I would like to share with you today.

The property agent Marco, who is my colleague’s friend’s colleague (personal connection is always important here in order to get a better service/benefit), introduced me several flats in Parkland near Lingnan University. The estate is relatively new (only 15 years old!!!), has a club house including gym, swimming pool, huge garden for Taichi(!) and tennis courts. Convenient transportation, nearby supermarket, shuttle bus to HKGisland. Nice interior, rooms with big wide windows, great kitchen with washing machine and fridge provided (!!) and clean bathroom with bathtub. Wow!! It was love at first sight!!! I wanna live here!

Every time when I was on the cloud nine , Marco  said “You have the right to know…” I was wondering what does it mean. I was curious and listening carefully. So, for the first flat he showed me I had the right to know that the temple, which can be seen from the bedroom’s window, is a “honey pot” for burning people illegally. I was in shock. Marco comforted me “Don’t worry, it is illegally. There will be penalty. They will not do it again. And you would live in the higher floor, so the air is clean.” I was still in shock!!! People burn dead bodies ILLEGALLY?! And for the second flat, I had the right to know that somebody jumped out of the window of the 20th floor and died immediately. My flat is on the 8th floor. He asked me, whether I would mind. I said it is ok.  At that time, I still have not yet understand his point. My mindset “Why I should care?” And for the third flat, I had the right to know that somebody commit suicide in the flat above me. And for the fourth flat, I had the right to know that somebody accidentally fell out of the window. And so on. For the nineth flat, he informed me that there is a “there is someone dead inside flat”. WHAT?! I asked  “Suicide? And he is still there” ” He explained “No, still there la that’s scary. Yes suicide”.  I saw in total 9 flats all related to murdering, suicide or unnatural death.

At the end of the flat hunting on that, I felt weird. Confused. Usually I do not mind. Does HKG people do a lot of suicide? If they do not die in the flat, where they die? A lot of questions, no answers. On that night, I did not sign a contract. The next day, I asked my colleagues for some advice. They strongly recommend not to live there. Some of them recommend not to live in the building and some of them recommend not live in that flat or same floor. WHY? Well, a lot of people believe  a flat in which a suicide, unnatural death or murdering has been occured has been haunted FOREVER. It has a bad feng shui. The soul or ghost of the died person may come back and lead to some unfortune to the new tenant.

Because a lot of people believe in that, there is Chinese and even an ENGLISH website , recording all hauted flats including type of unnatural death and summary how they died. And I also found out that my colleagues will check in advance whether the new flat is haunted before sign the contract. It is also the duty of the property agent to tell the possible tenant, no wonder Marco kept telling me the information!!!

Does the haunted flat influence the price? YES, A LOT. I have heard, that I can get up to 10% discount if a suicide or unnatural death occurred or up to 50% discount if somebody killed in that flat. Is not that a good deal, for somebody who does not believe in Feng Shui?

So, I checked the record and crossed out those haunted blocks in Parkland! From 9 blocks  5 blocks are haunted!!!  No wonder that those flats are available.

Map of Haunted flats

Either I will look for a unhaunted flat or haunted flat and get a great deal. I choose to bargain first.  The reality was a bit different, the landlord did not want to decrease the rent. So, I did not take that flat.

I found a new flat the other day. The flat has been introduced by my friend’s colleague’s property agent Ms. Law. It was not haunted and I was still able to bargain to price for 300 HKD (~30EUR). I met the landlord in person. The wife of the landlord explained to us that they bought the flat for their kids, so I should really take good care about the flat. I confirmed. Her husband added a bit sceptical: “Do not jump out of the window! Do not suicide! Do not kill anybody! You know?!”

I nod my head silently. “Yes, I know. “

Otherwise the flat will be haunted and  the value of the flat will decrease, isn’t it?


EDIT 5th August 2015: I met David in Starbucks. He is a property agent and listening to my stories of Hong Kong. He explained to me that Marco and me might have some miscommunication. The honey pot might be a place to store ASH of dead people illegally.

Nobody is perfect

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8th May 2015

I used to have an image, which I have built by my own through those recent years. I believed that I am perfect or better say, I told myself being perfect and the best of the best. How I define myself as being perfect? Independent, no failures and mistakes, very detail-orientated, no weakness, can handle a lot of things by own, being strong or even pretending strong although I am weak. But the reality was different, I was not perfect, I did some mistakes and I was weak. Instead of allowing myself not being perfect, I spent a lot of effort to maintain my image to other outer world except few friends I was able to show my “real I”. As I became tired to keep this image, I withdrawn myself more and more from social gatherings. I became lonely. I became a nobody. Nobody is perfect. I often  blamed myself for failures and mistakes. Basically I did  feel pretty bad and lost my self-confidence, my motivation and even my passion of life. That makes me even more sad. I was caught in my own room in the past two years and I did not know/forget how to step out this room.

Well, talking about this and admitting my “Wanna be perfect” – image, I am stepping out of my cage. And there is light! There is hope! There are dreams! And there are my mom, my dad and my bro! My friends! Support! There is life. Passionate life! How could I miss them? How could I not seeing them?

The reason is simple: My wall of being perfect was simply too thick, that I was not able to recognize those! I was blended by my own image!

Knowing this, I do not want to be perfect any more. I am now ready to step out my room, cage and comfort zone! I am ready to remove my image step by step! That means to admit that I am weak, that I need sometimes help from family and friends. Simply being honest to myself, beloved ones and the society. Honesty is so real.  It is an amazing feeling. And this time I will keep it up!

Now, I do not want to be longer a nobody. Nobody is perfect, that’s true! I am now somebody (again)!

I am Nobu!

Welcome to my blog!


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