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2013 / 07 / 16

Yesterday I was phoneless, but not hopeless.

Thank you

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2013 / 07 / 03



Earlier this year I decided to be brave towards my uncertain future. Ever since, my life was still an emotional jet coaster. It was terrible, I struggeled a lot.

Recently I was able to come over this tough time. Compared to other unhappy times, this was pretty long and very difficult.

Because of my friends and family’s support, because of their belief and because they are there for me, I was able to be brave again, ready to fight again and finally be able to enjoy life again. Because of my friends, my new chapter in life has just started (finally!)

I was and am lucky having such a great support around me. From my bottom of my heart, I would like to thank you them and appreciate their great help. Slowly, but safely I am on the right track now. Let’s have happy time together again!

30 days challenge

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2013 / 07 / 02

Beginning of this year Ingo, my German friend, visited HKG for few days. As I have not met him for a year or maybe two, I was very happy to meet him for chitchat. And I was surprised when I hugged him for greeting, as the feeling was different. When he took off his jacket, I knew why: He gained muscles, huge and a lot of them! He looks “very man”, which is a popular expression in Chinese for being very masculine. WOW! Amazing!

After asking, he disclosed his secret: 30 days challenge for a special diet. 30 days challenge? Why 30 days? What happened after 30 days? It was the first time for me to hear about this. I know that diet, but I did not aware it could have such a great effect. I was thinking that he was very strict to himself to keep up with his diet, but he denied because of that 30 days challenge. So, what is a 30 days challenge?

He explained to me. First pick my challenge. It could be an existing habit, which I want to lose or a new habit, which I want to create. It could be everything. There are not any limitations. Second start doing my challenge immediately and keep it up for the next 30 days. It might be hard and difficult, as or I may need to force myself or focus on purpose at the beginning. Basically, the aim of the 30 days challenge is to create a new habit. A habit is an action will be done automatically without thinking so much, because the body get used to it. It becomes to a daily routine. Therefore – in my friend’s case – after the 30 days challenge, he kept up doing the diet easily.

I wanted to try as well. On first of June, I have started my 30 days challenge for climbing 300 stairs daily in great posture. Indeed in the beginning, I needed to remind myself several times not to take the escalator or lift. In HKG there are so many escalator and lifts, which makes life easier. And lazier. It is so attempting! However, I kept doing it.

The reason, why I took this challenge is basically to keep fit. I would like to do some sports, but currently my situation does not allow so much time for it. Thus I got the idea to integrate more movements into my daily life. Now, after 30 days I even got a great result, I lost 1kg and currently love taking stairs, even it is hot.

My next 30 day challenge in July: Practicing Taichi every day for 5 minutes.

Have you done any 30 days challenge before? Or would you like to start with a 30 days challenge?
Please share your experience or ideas. I am looking forward to your replies ( ^___^ )

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