Is this really you?

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2013 / 05 / 23

在中国的海关又出问题了。海关员觉得护照里面的照片不像我。他问“这个人是真的你吗?!” 我就点点头了。好像他不相信我。他继续说“不可能吧!”他叫他的同事。突然我很惊慌,因为以前我在差不都一样的情况。那时候他们的态度对我非常不好。他的同事到,看我护照里面的照片,跟他同意, 这个护照可能有问题。我很怕。他的同事说“Follow me!” 我心里觉得,我不想跟他,不想去那个房间。我说 “这张照片是真的我。是五年前拍的。” 他们惊讶我说中文。他问我 ”那,为什么这张照片不像你?“ 我回答 “因为我每天跑步,所以越来越来瘦。没剪头发。而且今天化妆了。今天比五年前漂亮,对不对?!” 他们大笑了,然后说“漂亮得多!” 我“。。。那没有问题吧,请换给我护照。”他的同事说“等一下儿,还有问题。”  我”。。。有什么问题?“ 他回答”你很可爱。你有没有男朋友?”


Let me share with you my experience at the Chinese boarder, where so many “problems” occurred due to my passport, e.g. in 2011 “Where do you come from?”.This is just another story.

I left HKG and I was going to cross the boarder in China. The officer took my passport and found out that photo does not match to me at all. He asked me “Is this really you?!” I just nod my head. Obviously he did not believe me and continued roughly  “No way!” He asked his colleague to come for further study this case.
Suddenly I got panic, because I have been in this kind of situation before. At that time I had been interviewed by several officers in a separate room. Although I did not do anything wrong, the feeling was not that good and I really did not want to experience that again.
However, his colleague came,  took my passport, first looked at the photo, then me and then the photo again. This passport might have some problems. Finally he ordered in English (!) “Follow me!” Frankly speaking, I did not want to follow him. I did not want to go to the separate room be interviewed by strict, emotionless officers.
Therefore I decided to speak out in Chinese (!) in order to emphasize “THAT photo is really me. It has been taken nearly 5 years ago!” Both officers were surprised about the fact that I DO understand Chinese. Then one of the officers asked me “Then, why this photo does not look like you?!” I needed to explain “Because I was jogging every day, lost weight, get slimmer and slimmer. I did not cut my hair during this period. Besides that, I am wearing make up today! Today I am more beautiful than 5 years ago, you do not think so?” Both officers laughed and agreed “Ha ha ha, much more beautiful!”
I felt so relieved “… then there is not any problem, right. Could you return my passport to me, please?” His colleague answered “One moment please, there is still a question.” All the problems should have been solved, so I felt uncertain “… what kind of question?” He answered “You are so cute! Do you have any boyfriend?”

Memorable day

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2013 / 05 / 22

What a memorable day!

When I woke up this morning I was thinking for few seconds today might be black-rain-day as it is raining heavily and continuously. Throughout the whole night and even in the morning fat rain drops kept hitting the window and the metal air conditioner creating huge noise, as well as sleepless nights.
It has been the 3rd day already raining like that. I could not sleep well and I was happy if I was able to fell asleep even only for few hours.
However, when I woke up this morning and looked at my alarm clock. I was shocked because I overslept! I am late! Damn! Now, I needed to hurry up. I literally jumped out of my bed, washed my face, brushed my teeth, changed my clothes, prepared my lunch box – Japanese style fried curry noodles with veggie -, grabbed my phone – oh no! no power! -, grabbed the recharger, stuffed into my handbag. It was like a movie, you have just pressed the button for fast-forwarding. What I usually do in 60 minutes, have been squeezed to less than 15 minutes. Then I grabbed the umbrella, run out the house into the heavy rain and towards the bus station. I was so in hurry that I was not really thinking about the heavy rain, nearly flooding river, flooded paths and less people on the street.
At the MTR station I saw the sign of “black rain” and “all schools are closed”. Latest at that time I should realize something, but instead I was envying the pupils able to stay at home. I wished I would be still a student. Actually, I could stay at home as well until 1:30pm… However, I continued to rush to office.

At around 8:45am I arrived at office on time. I was the first … and the only one in office. Sipping my freshly-brewed hot water, I was thinking about this morning. Then I finally realized and remembered! I should stay at home due to safety reasons!

What a memorable day!  It is the first time black rain has been announced before working hours on a weekday since I have been in HKG and I forgot where I suppose to stay – in bed!

Let me explain a little bit about the black rain in HKG. HKG has a rainstorm warning system, which is “ designed to alert the public about the occurrence of heavy rain which is likely to bring about major disruptions, and to ensure a state of readiness within the essential services to deal with emergencies.”* In total there are three levels of rainstorm warning 1) Amber (yellow symbol) 2) Red (red symbol and 3) Black (black symbol). The black one is the highest level of warning. Basically it means that people should “stay indoors or take shelter in a safe place until the heavy rain has passed.”*  Further on, “people should avoid going near easily flooded watercourses or passing through flooded areas.”*

*Source: HKG Observatory

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