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2012 / 12 / 14

It supposed to be happy Halloween, but this year I did not celebrate at all. It is my first time in HKG, I did not celebrate it! I love wearing costumes and dress up so much, cooking food and having fun with friends.… But this time, nothing of those happened. On that day something unpleasant and scary thing happened, which got a huge impact of my life in Hong Kong, even until now. It is scaring how fast a normal peaceful life could change to a worried and fearful life within few minutes.
From that day on, I gradually lost my smile and started to feel tired of my entire life. Yes, I know, it sounds too much, isnt’t it? But I lost all my power, positive energy, but instead I gained depression, probably because I could not sleep well and I just could not see any hope.
One day, I woke up and was thinking: How can solve this problem? What is the best solution? To be honest, I could not find any. Except one: How about I disappear from this world? …and then I started crying. I told myself “hey, come on! Don’t give up now! You have friends, who are supporting from day1 (that day changed my life)! You really want to give up?” The answer is clearly NO. So, what can I do? 1) Sleep well. -> I am now staying with my close friend I trust. 2) No appetite-> Go out for dining with your close friends and talk and discuss about what happened. 3) helpless feeling -> If you need help, say it and ask for help from your friends and family! You have your family and friends, who will support you in the bad times. Come on myself, it is time to get up!

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