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2012 / 07 / 09

Dearest Cheong Lok Mansion

We have been together for one year and three months in total. Indeed you gave me a long happiness (=Cheong Lok). Actually, you were my longest happiness in Hung Hom ever. My dear, I really appreciate it. I loved you so much. Thank you for giving me such a long happiness.

Our happiness started last spring. I can remember how happy I was during the first days and weeks. With you together, my life started to bloom more than ever. Because of your great location, it was very convenient to go to supermarket, bus stop, laundry shop, MTR station, restaurants. Everything was within 10 minutes walking distance.
You had an elevator and security guards at the entrance, as well as CCTV. Even when I came late home, I felt safe to go back home.
Further on you had regular check up for elevator and water pipe lines. People around you DID know you are aging and take good care of you. Therefore I also DID know I would be steady with you.
You had a great clean corridor on each floor, one side was open and it was very comfortable to feel the wind, which often carried the delicious cooking smell of my neighbors. During the weekend children were running and playing and old people were exercising there. Sometimes I could even hear some students playing trumpet, piano or guitar. Very often people were laughing and giggling. Sometimes somebody was crying. It was so lively!
Because of you I met new friends and you also gave me a lot of opportunities to practice my Putonghua with the other residents, who are students from Mainland China.
The flat was nice as well. It was the greatest flat I ever had since I am here. It had a proper kitchen and I started to love cooking again. Nearly every day I cooked and I am pretty sure you could smell my nice lunch box menu. Did you like it? I had a newly-renovated-from-the-kitchen-separated-bathroom, which is rare in old buildings, but you had it! Amazing! I started to enjoy taking shower again. The living room was huge and there were plenty of space to invite my friends for happy gatherings! My room was small, only 4m2, but pretty. Just lying on the bed was nice, because the room has so many windows to let in the fresh cool wind and warm bright sunshine almost every day. Although I was living in the city, I did not feel like that as I was able to see a lot of green big trees on a hill from my windows.

My dear, I loved you so much. Actually, I still love you! Therefore my decision to leave you was so difficult. I hope you understand and will not be angry with me.

The last months we faced huge problems. Although we tried to find a solution together, tried to make the best from our situation, it is now out of control. I reached my limits. I did what I can do for us. I also know that you tried to protect me as much as you can. I really appreciate it, thank you so much. However, you need serious and professional help. As long I am together with you, the landlord is not willing to repair the serious water leakage you are suffering from. Due to the high humidity in our home, now you are even suffering from some infection as mould, wetness and insects.

My new home will be nearby. We cannot see us each other as often as before, but we are connected. Not only connected by the happiness we experienced in the last months, but also by the sunset. From my home I can see the same sunset as you do.

My dear Cheong Lok Mansion, thank you so much for our happiness. I really had a great time. Hopefully, the landlord will hire good workers, so you will be repaired very soon. Hopefully the next tenant(s) will be happy with you as well. Please let people take good care of you.

In love,

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