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2012 / 04 / 19

Have you ever heard of the HSK* (汉语水平考试/ hàn yǔ shuǐ píng kǎo shì)?

Well, it is an internationally recognized Chinese Proficiency Test for non-native-speakers learning Chinese. I always wanted to pass the HSK test. But previously I failed and also probably ran away because of lack of confidence and fear of failing again. I always targeted the greatest score in order to be eligible to apply for a scholarship at one of the universities in Mainland China. This gave me a lot of pressure. At that time I strongly believed that pressure would turn into motivation, but (in my case) it did not. Instead, that huge pressure led me to failure, disappointment and loose of my Chinese confidence – totally opposite of my target! Probably this is also the reason why I could not get so good scores in school; I always wanted to be perfect and the best.

After I have started  to chang my view of my dream last year, I have realized my only biggest enemy is myself. Actually, there is no need to be the best. Besides the scholarship, there are OTHER MANY opportunities going to Mainland China (e.g. traveling) or be exposed to Mainland China’s influence (e.g. appending job in HKG). Actually, there is no need to be perfect. Nobody is perfect. Actually, Nobu, you have already done a great own progress in your Chinese speaking skills. Actually, you CAN be more confident.

That’s so true! Now, I felt ready, ready for my next challenge. I decided to challenge myself in order to have new opportunities: I registered for two HSK exams. A new challenge was waiting for me, not only for my Chinese skills but also for myself. And again, I decided not to give up. No matter how difficult it would be.

SOMETHING was going to begin, but at that time I did not know yet…

*For more information about HSK and its registration, please click here.

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